Poss UK-centric: The Thick of It

How fucking good was that last night :smiley:

The Guardian are doing what they do - it’s useful for reminding yurself of the one-liners.

It was proper old-skool farce with stained trousers and everything. 'kin brilliant!

“About as welcome as a Nazi float at the Notting Hill Carnival”

‘Happy Birthday C*unt’ “That could be from anybody”

Well now you make me want to see it here in the US, but it seems to be unavailable.

Fwiw, I’m not sure it would travel well - a political satire/farce/comedy about contemporary party politics and media management at Westminster . . . .

I think *Yes, Minister *is one of the greatest BBC shows ever, but it wasn’t too laden with pop culture references. Is that a problem for this show?

Just my own view but I would say Yes, Minister was more generic. For example, if you don’t know very much about Alistair Campbell’s role as Tony Blair’s media enforcer, important aspects of The Thick of It would probably be lost. It’s far more domestic, and abusive, etc, etc.

Is this the show that In the Loop was based on? I loved that movie.

I’m an American and I love The Thick Of It beyond words. I watch a lot of other British TV too, though, and I try to keep up with UK politics at least enough to get jokes about it.