Possible for a bedbug to be black and active in mid-afternoon?

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures as I just flicked the bug off me without thinking.

I took a mid afternoon nap today and about half an hour ago got up and used the bathroom. There I discovered a roundish black bug crawling on my leg underneath my shorts. It kind of had a similar body shape to a bedbug, but was definitely black.

I know that bedbugs are brown, but maybe this guy was dark brown and I just thought it was black? Or some are black?

I do have some bug bites, but I assumed they were from mosquitoes since they just love me and I get numerous bites every summer. But I do have a bite where my shorts cover me and I’ve read that mosquitoes generally don’t crawl up your clothes (it’s not from today though and is on the opposite side of where I found the bug. There aren’t any bites where this guy was, but various bed bug sites said that it can take several days for bites to appear which doesn’t entirely make sense to me).

I did an inspection of my bed and didn’t find anything obvious to indicate an infestation. The bite pattern doesn’t really indicate bedbugs either despite the bite underneath my clothing.

I’m really paranoid about them though since I know how difficult they are to get rid of. I’ve been Googling bedbugs since I found it and have found conflicting information, as well as information that states that an infestation can go unnoticed until it reaches epic proportions.

Any thoughts? Maybe this was just some other random bug who was just exploring?

Well, I did some further research and I’m guessing it was most likely a tick that hadn’t latched on yet. That didn’t initially occur to me as I found it while I was inside, plus I live in the city. But I had been riding my bike on a trail that’s sort of wooded. I didn’t go into the woods, but I suppose it’s possible I brushed up against something, the tick got on my clothes which I put on my bed while I was changing, then it crawled onto me while I was in the bed.

My first thought from your description was tick.

ticks do hang on grass to grab on passing warm things. they can wander on clothes for some time and be transferred to your bed. i find them frequently in a similar fashion.

Good to know for future reference.

Also, if you just flicked it off you, it will come back. Next time squoosh it.

Is there any reason to suspect that it was something actually interested in biting you? Could it just have been a weevil or some random small hemipterid bug?

Not everything that crawls on us wants to bite, or in some cases, is aware that we’re not just part of the landscape.

Believe me, if you had bedbugs, you’d notice the bites.

Not necessarily. A lot of people have no reaction from bedbug bites. The bite itself is painless, and if you’re not allergic, you won’t have any of the telltale symptoms later on. A lot of people don’t realize they have a bedbug infestation until they find the blood/feces spots on their sheets, or have a houseguest who has a reaction.

That’s why I asked at the end if it was more likely that it was some other random bug that was just exploring. But I couldn’t help but think “bug in bed that looks vaguely like bedbug = BEDBUGS!!!” After doing bedbug research and not getting any responses here I googled things like “small crawling black bug” but couldn’t find anything that looked like what I saw until I found a site that explained the difference between ticks and bedbugs. It looked nearly identical to a tick and I had been in an area next to the woods.

Yeah- reading stuff like this is what worried me. I found one “true” (I put that in quotations as there’s no way to verify for sure I suppose) story from a woman who claimed that no one in her house reacted to the bedbugs except her and the only evidence was the bodies of two bugs so the infestation just went on and on.