Are these things bedbugs, or something else?

I think I have bedbugs. Or at least some sort of vile critter. For the past month or so, everytime I go to bed, I can feel slight tingly feelings over parts of my body. And I typically wake up with one, occasionally two, very itchy welts that lasts about 3-4 days. Only thing is, I have never actually seen any sort of parasite. And i’ve looked around quite a bit in the wee hours trying to figure out what is on my bed.

Are bedbugs visible to the naked eye, or could it possibly be something else?

I live in an apartment, am a fairly low income student, and by all the research I’ve done it sounds like bedbugs are expensive and a pain and a half to get rid of, so I kinda have my fingers crossed that may it is some other critter.

Also . . . do bedbugs bite felines? I can deal with an occasional welt but I’m worried the cat may also have to struggle with them.

The cat may actually be the problem. My kids will occasionally turn up with similar bites, and we concluded that they were caused by hitchhiking fleas from neighborhood cats.

I concur, probably fleas.

Bedbugs are easy to see as long as they aren’t hiding. If you can feel something on you and you look and there’s nothing there, it’s probably not a bedbug unless it got away fast.

Fleas are easy to see too but they can jump away quickly so you might miss them too.

Are fleas and ticks the same thing?

I had a bad infestation when I had a cat. My bed was a haven for them. They’re hard to see (look like little black rains of sand) and if they jump they’re gone.

If you’re poor, try washing your blankets/sheets and spraying your bed with bug spray.

Nope - fleas are little black critter that live in the hair and in bedding and what not - they may nibble on you and spread disease but that’s about it.

Ticks, on the other hand, are hideous, nasty little beasts that live in grassy and wooded areas, get on you and actually burrow into your skin where they start sucking your blood and continue until they swell up like a disgusting cooked rasin and then fall off. Removing ticks from my parents dog is the reason I can no longer eat cooked rasins of any description. Gag. Ticks can also spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

You can indeed see bedbugs. Some signs of them are tiny blood spots on your bedding, however if you use colored bedding, you might miss them. Bedbugs will usually stay somewhere in the bed, like in the folds of sheets at the corners or in the mattress ticking. However, some bedbugs abandon the bed after feeding and can be found in other relatively dark places near the bed, like under a window sill or in a head or footboard.

Since you have a pet, you might have fleas, especially if your cat likes to camp out on your bed.