Where can I get a bug identified

For years I have had something that follows me whatever room I sleep in. I wake up with what I think are bites, but then by morning there is no trace of anything. the bites are almost exclusively happening on my stomach region.
I don’t believe I have ever seen this particular bug biting me, yet it still bothers me that I don’t know what it is and I can’t seem to get rid of them. It’s not bed bugs, this thing can fly and is roughly an 1/8th of an inch from front to back.

I’m tired of not knowing what is in my room. Is there anyway I can once-and-for-all identify this thing and figure out what it’s behavior and more importantly eating habits are?

Have you seen them? Can you get a picture of them?

Got a pic?


If you had the bug I’d tell you to go to the ag extension. Hell, it’s worrth a try anyway - those guys are your bug experts. (I’m assuming you live in the US, although there’s no location.)

This site is a good resource:

Hang a fly strip above your bed in proximity of your stomach. If it’s actually a flying creature at least one of more should alight on the strip to rest while dining on you. If you catch it so at least you can tell what they are.

They are reaaalllly sticky so make sure it does not come in contact with you or your clothes.

Like this- Victor Fly Catcher Paper Ribbons (4-Pack) (for some reason this Home Depot link takes an absurd amount of time to load)

Did it look kind of like this maybe?

Sure I’ve got 2 or three for evidence right now in a little zip-lock bag. I used to use scotch tape to get these off the wall, because they were so hard to get a grip on and once you bumped them they start to walk away or maybe for them that’s the speed of running.

At one time I had taken pictures. Although they aren’t visible to the naked eye, I remember when I zoomed in on this thing it had some red speckles mixed in with the others which surprised me -kind of a “gestalt thing” going on (I’m appreciative of the arts :stuck_out_tongue: )in fact I had posted another post like this one some time ago about these bugs for identification purposes, but this time around I decided to just ask for advice where to go to get it looked at. So I don’t have any photos on hand, but I suppose I could try and do this later.