Bug problem. Your thoughts please.

So I’ve recently acquired some unwanted house guests. They look like roaches but I don’t think they are. They have a tiny torso with a big bubble but. (they’re black)

And they seem to be scarce. I’ll see them maybe a couple of times a week. And what’s interesting is, they don’t seem to be interested in any food stuffs I may have left out. They just seem to wonder around aimlessly.

That said, I mainly see them in thew kitchen. So I assume there’s something in there they are feasting on. I just don’t know what.
There’s a definite “ick” factor going on here, but are they really a problem? Also, would an exterminator be able to help me with my problem if I can’t ID the bug?


I hope its not a kissing bug.


Oh, my god. Why did I read about the kissing bug. :eek:
OP, get you some of that dirt stuff. Diatomaceous earth. I hear it works on any bug. Safe for families and pets.


Stink bugs? If so, don’t waste your money on an exterminator. They don’t want to be inside. Just pick them up with a napkin and release them outside (don’t squish).

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Bugs need water, hence the kitchen resources. It shouldn’t be hard to ID them if you google-image household bugs.