Possible intruder??

When I logged onto my computer today, on my startup program icons were Quicktime and MSN messenger. I had deleted MSN messenger and had not used it for months. It wanted me to log onto a email name that was unknown to me. I have also never downloaded quicktime or any simlar(other than Windows media player, whichI thinks comes packaged with the OS).
Is someone accessing my computer?

Maybe and maybe not. They have ways of sneaking these things to you. For instance, you visit a web page and want to view something and a box pops-up saying you need a plug-in to view it and before you know it you have Quicktime.

You might want to check your security setting on your computer browser too (usually found under TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS if you are using Internet Explorer). Rasie the security a bit to be sure your computer asks you if it is ok to do something before it just does it.

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Thank you.