possible Java dev./QA position in Austin, TX

(I hope that this is not considered spam. I know that there are plenty of dopers out there looking for jobs, and I hope this can help someone. If it’s non-kosher to post something like this, by all means delete it and call me names or something)

My company is beginning to look for either a Java developer, or a QA/tester person.

Technologies include XML/XSL, Java, SQL, javascript, and JSP.

The position is tentative as of now, but if you are looking for something in the Austin area, send me your resume, and any questions.

That shiznit’s making me pray for death on a daily basis due north in Minnesota as we speak. If I’m gonna move to the sweltering heat of Texas for a Java QA job, I’m damn well gonna be getting six figures and have a beautiful secretary whose job is nothing more than pleasuring me on demand.

…is the job in the six-figure range? And is said secretary one of the benefits?

… not at the moment.

Right now, we’re a very small medical software startup, with some very big backers. Our product is slated for alpha test in August, but with coding and/or testing help, that would move up.

I know your post was joking, but I really do expect that this thing will take off.

Dang it, something like this is pretty much up my alley: I love getting something (partially) finished and tearing into it to see what works, what doesn’t, etc. I even have informal basic medical background (can’t live with a R.N. and not pick up anything unless you’re really dense). But unfortunately I am not quite ready for the job market yet, or at least anything that I would need to relocate for before I manage to finish up this (umpteen-year) bachelor’s.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for people I know, and toss them this way if I see anyone who would fit, though: I know it can be tough finding the right person for the job.

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