Possible move to Dallas

I’m considering moving to Dallas in the next month or so. It all depends on whether or not I get a certain job for which I’m applying (ER registration).

I’ve visited Waxahachie and Red Oak many times but I’ve rarely actually been into Dallas.

There are two downsides to this move. 1) I’ll be living with my sister for a bit until I can find a place of my own and so I can save a little money since my bank account is woefully depleted at the moment. 2) I have to leave my beloved dog behind. My mom is going to take care of him for me. I don’t know of any apartments in my price range that allow 200lb pets. I hate to leave him but I can’t see any other choice.

This move is a good idea. A new area, better paying job and I want to go back to school in the fall. Plus, if I budget myself carefully, I’ll be able to send money to my parents every month to help them out financially. Their savings account was depleted not too long ago and this past Monday my father was temporarily laid off.

They have done a lot for me, especially with emotional and moral support, and I want to help them every way I can.

Anyway, there really isn’t any point to this thread. I just wanted to share.

That’s not a dog, that’s a Shetland pony. I have lived in North Dallas last six years… I want some scenery and a slower pace of life… Damn the traffic.
Good luck, go with your heart.

He’s just a big baby. Incredibly sweet. He loves everyone he meets. I wish I could take him with me but at least I know my mom loves him and he can be happy with her. Of course I’ll send money to her to pay for food, vet bills, etc.

I live in a small town now and love the slower pace of life but the job market here is horrible.

My sister works at the ER where I’m applying and is studying to be a nurse. A woman who is involved with the hiring said I could use her as a reference and will push my application.

The move feels right and will give me the opportunity to help my parents. I really want to go back to school although I don’t know what I want to study yet. I have a lot of decisions to make. My first priority is to get the job, move there and then get out of my sister’s apartment as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the good wishes, jzero99.