Possible Parole Officer: Thoughts on the Job?

So I just graduated college with a BA in Psych and Minor in Sociology.
I’ve been looking around at various things I could do with my degree.
One thing that caught my eye was being a parole officer (note: not a correctional

So here is what I would like to know about the job:

  1. Anyone here one and how is it?
  2. How good or bad is the job?
  3. Is there decent upward mobility?

The job requires several things, which I have questions about also:

  1. Criminal Justice Test- Need I be worried about this or should I find something
    to study? If so, what should I study?
  2. Firearms Training- Should I be worried about this or get some pre-training
  3. What other requirements should I know about that they haven’t told me about
    in the video I saw?

Thanks for anyone’s input, I appreciate it.
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