Possible Pennywise music video making fun of hardcore dancing?

I bet that title will get zero views. I remember vaguely a music video which made fun of the various hardcore dances out there, like picking up change and the chainsaw and others I can’t remember because I think hardcore dancing is silly. Does anyone a) know what the hell I’m talking about, b) remember the band and c) remember the song?

I don’t know why I care, but I want to see the video. For some reason I thought it was Pennywise but I could be totally wrong. However, it was something I saw on MTV so it’s at least a relatively popular band.

Are you thinking of Sick of It All’s Step Down, which I think is on the album Scratch the Surface?

I’ve been trying to think of it for hours. I know the exact video you are talking about but can’t find it.

Here ya go.


I’ll check it out at home. No youtube access here at work.

god i love that video