Possible TMI: Why am I getting sick now?

Earlier today, I went out for Mexican. And for some reason I get very sick afterwards and vomited thricewise. It was sudden and unpleasant.

However, I don’t feel bad. Kinda. Argh, it’s complicated:

I felt fine sitting down. I had a largish meal, but nothing extreme. I then got up, paid, and not two steps out the door I coughed up a little mouth-bile. Within seconds, I had to go for the trash can to vomit. I then hurked up twice more before I could even get to my car. The meal was reasonably rich (a good-size fajita with ice tea). I was pretty hungry, though, and I’ve eaten more before with no ill effects. lately, I’ve had a bit of an uneasy stomach, but we’re talking about eaten more delicately for a month, not “I’m coming down with the flu”.

My stomach has felt a little off and on since the Period of Vomitus Expulsion: now it’s fine, not it’s achy. I don’t feel bad any other way, though - no fever, no aches or pains at all. So, I don’t think I’m flu-ish.

The only thing I can think of is that my stomach didn’t like mixing sweet tea (they accidentally switched my last glass of plain with sweet). Has that ever happened to anyone? Should I be worried or maybe take off tommorow? I can probably do that if I have to.

If you feel otherwise fine I don’t see a reason to take off tomorrow, but if your appetite has been off for the past month, then it is definitely time to see a doctor.

It sounds like you’re having some acid reflux/upper GI issues. You can try OTC acid reflux meds but if I was puking that much, I’d see a doctor. You could have an ulcer, or a problem with the flap that keeps your esophagus closed, and the problem was just exacerbated by the Mexican food.

OK. If the problem continues I may see a doctor, although I will also try eating slower first.

I forgot to mention that I have had some issues with stomach gas lately. I guess this would lean towards the “problem with the flap that keeps your esophagus closed” theory?

Also you could consider that perhaps it could have been the food improperly cooked or handled, though the VERY acute symptoms like that do seem rather quick and unlikely from the dinner, then again it could happen if it was improperly cooked or handled via food poisoning- though usually you tend to get lower GI problems with that.

Though if you’ve had stomach issues in the past leading up to this, i agree- go see a doctor as they know more than random Dopers such as myself.