Post an impressive individual music performance

Give a short explanation of what it is and what we should be looking/listening for.

This is Smashing Pumpkins, “Geek USA” from Siamese Dream, played live in Germany. This is from their video EP “Vieuphoria.” They play it almost double-time from the studio version; just keep a watch on the drummer, Jimmy Chamberlain. If you’re familiar with the song, you’ll notice he literally never misses a beat, even at this speed:

Hope this works, awesome performance!

Just watch Glen’s fingers. Roy ain’t too bad, either.

That was my second choice!

Great minds think alike.
So do ours.

Apologies for the poor quality of this video; it appears to be from a TV show from the '80s.

This is Steve Howe, guitarist for Yes, Asia, and GTR, playing a solo piece on a twelve-string guitar, “Sketches in the Sun.” (I first heard the song on GTR’s one-and-only studio album, in 1986.)

What I find impressive is that, in the “verses,” he’s simultaneously playing the melody (on the upper strings) and the harmony (on the lower strings), on the same guitar. He’s strumming the lower strings with his pick (using his thumb and index finger), while strumming the upper strings with his middle and ring fingers.

Glen Campbell is fantastic guitarist. I was always partial to this performance:

Mine, as well!

Speaking of great guitarists, here is one of the best ever, Stevie Ray Vaughn. There are so many songs to choose from and you really cannot go wrong. This one is from a live performance in Austin, Texas:

The amazing pianist Khatia Buniatishvili takes on Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1 in a performance dedicated to Zubin Mehta.

Pretty much everything he does is well beyond the description of “impressive”. But this is one of my favorite pieces of music in the first place, so it’s the one I will use as an example.

Apparently finger style guitar is a thing, though not something that I learned from my local music store private lessons as a teenager. And while I’ve seen people tap their guitars with the beat, I’ve never seen it used as an entire percussion section.

I can’t imagine the finger strength he has in order to pull this off.

A personal all-time favorite track here. Believe it or not, there is only one guitar in this song. That’s all coming out of Charlie Byrd, live.

I like this guy, starting around 20:40:
What you should be listening for is a one-man-band !

Jimmy’s a monster. My favorite Youtube video of him drumming is from this performance at Megaland in Germany, 1994. It’s just mesmerizing watching him.

Speaking of drummers, I do love Stewart Copeland in this following link, but what cracks me up each time I see it starts at 5:51, where he’s drumming while finishing off a watermelon. I just find it hilarious. And then he goes into his octoban nuttiness that he was known for in that era, followed by Sting yelling “Don’t slow down!” which is probably the only time Sting has ever told Stewart not to slow down. :slight_smile: :

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This has been posted here before, but I’m always happy for an excuse to share (and watch) it again:

It’s a live performance of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” from the 2004 Rock n’ Roll HOF ceremony, featuring Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison, and - eventually - Prince, who comes on to give one of the most blistering and scene stealing guitar performances of all time. It’s a legendary performance, including the magic disappearing guitar at the end.

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a Seasick Steve vibe !

I was actually wondering how quickly that would be posted. One of the legendary ones!