Post-apocalypse movie ID

I remember almost nothing about this film, which appeared in the '80s. Post-apocalypse. Not very good. The one scene I vaguely remember is that there is a guy in the middle of the desert soaking in a large tub or small tank, trying to soak his genitals off because… of something. He thinks they’re evil?

Was this Steel Dawn?

Sounds like Circle of Iron, wherein a man is found in a barrel full of oil in the middle of a desert, hoping to soak off the lower half of his body because his genitals are too distracting.

Not a post-apocalyptic movie, though.

Huh. I don’t remember any of the details I read about Circle Of Iron other than the man in the barrel. It’s as if, except for that, I’ve never seen the film.

I could be conflating it and Steel Dawn.

It’s totally Circle of Iron. The man in the barrel was Eli Wallach. It’s a strange, but pretty cool little zen parable/kung fu movie. David Carradine plays multiple roles. The movie was originally intended to star Bruce lee, who wrote the screenplay, if I recall correctly. This movie used to play on HBO a lot when I was a kid, and I watched probably half a dozen times. The scene with the barrel takes place in a desert, which might be why you remember it as post-apocalyptic.

With James Coburn (and Stirling Silliphant), who would have co-stared.

CMC fnord!

Another one chiming in: that’s Circle of Iron. Great movie; loads of fun.

And the whole movie does have kind of a post-Apoc feel to it; nothing takes place in any large cities and they do show him traveling over lots of empty spaces.