Post in accent

Purpose of thread is to post in foreign accent. Reply with what you think is accent. I wish you wery much luck in thread.

Ah weesh ah could type in ze accsont of ze… how do you say… “Uppair Meedwest?” Eet ees fun to speak, but for ze typing? Non.

'Ey dare bobby, wanna give da brAHn-co a jump?

¿Francais? Ooh la la.

Ayyy, whadda I need-a the Midwest-a accent a for? To playa da bocci ball?

“Ooper mid west”? Dost tha mean ooper mid west riding? Ilkley, or tharabouts? Ah can speak almost like ah coom from thar.

I eez try to make the accent. But eez sheet. Vut I can do, huh?

You are from Yorkshire, which ish in England, a very closhe country to ush. We have shimilar weathersh due to the proxshimity.

Thish tread ish funny. It makesh the good timesh, that we like, becaushe we are funny guysh and are alwaysh joking around, yesh?

I’m going with Scottish with this one, because you sound like Sean Connery.

No guesses for the OP?

Naw, jjimm’s talkin oirish like. Tink youse is 'talian (or maybe Eastern Yorapean) in yor OP. Now den, what be this 'un moi luvvers?

Evil nitwit Uzbek?

Not Italian in the OP.

You’re getting close, but no wodka for you.

I ain’t postin nuthin in no dam furrin acksentcheeation when we got all these here accents right cheer in Amer’ca goin hungry!

No, it’sh not Irish. Thish ish a clishe that all the Irish are drunksh. Not sho. Shometimesh they are shtoned too. Neither am I Shcottish. I jusht like to have a crazhy, fun time becaushe I am a crazhy fun kinda guy!

Oh, cri-hey, trow me tree beers once, hey?
(Translation: Say, would you please send three beers my way? :slight_smile: )

North Carolina?

Vodka with a W ? Yuu aruh flom POLAND, neh ?

Ur na! divvent man, yur gonna hoy a clemmy arrus, irril git nack, givowwer!


Blige, I can’t unnerstan a wurd uvvit - muss be from Newcastle, racken! Anywun got enny ideals wot vis wun is then?

Racken tdn’s wonna them rushens.

jjimm, I fought yors mite be Winston Churchill but I don’t fink that ee’s a crazy fun lovin guy!