Post interesting election commercials here...

Local, regional, national - what election commercials have caught your fancy… or ire?

Pro Obama: (Romney buys a paper plant, has workers build a stage for Bain Capital execs, only to use that stage to mass-fire the entire workforce). (47% commercial) (“Since When” (Romney/China))

I saw this earlier today, which is kind of a headscratcher. A scene from a pro-Romney ad really looks like it was meant to recall the video of him making his 47% comment.

Kind of hard to figure out why they’d do that, but on the other hand I have trouble seeing the similarity as a coincidence.

(also, regarding the actual ad, its sort of funny that Romney is campaigning on raising taxes on millionaires)

Here’s a good one (for Obama). Not really an ad, but effective…

Morgan Freeman narrates a nice pro-Obama ad:

John Glenn, still beloved here in Ohio, has also just done an ad for the President:

[]Rosie Perez laughs her ass off]( over the notion that it would be easier for Romney if he were Latino.

Samuel L. Jackson tells Obama voters to Wake the F&*# Up. (language NSFW)

. . . .wait for it . . . . what if you had a vagina?