Post Niagara Dopefest

[Taken from my LJ and edited for some content.]

Trin and I arrived in Niagara on the Friday evening. Not much happened then. We went for dinner at East Side Mario’s. Great place, and the price was good too!

After dinner, we hiked up to the beer store and picked up some drinks. Realizing that we were both beat from the walk, (It was a little farther than we had expected.) We called a cab back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel, we started up the hot tub and relaxed for the evening.

The next morning, Trin and I took a walk down to the falls to kill time before the meeting of the other degenerates. (I say that affectionately.) We had arranged to meet at the Casino entrance at 2PM. It was then that I realized that there are <b>two</b> entrances into the damned place. So we spend a good hour walking up and down the hill to either entrance because god (“gad” for Zette.) knows who would go where.

At about 2PM, we ran into Jack and Lil, and it wasn’t long after that we ran into Zette and Jadis. It was also then that Jack wanted to do ‘tourist’ stuff and was seriously cutting into our beer time. (Ah well. :wink:

We walked the falls and Jadis, Trin and I stopped to rest while Zette, Lil, and Jack went up the Niagara Tower, but met back up with us soon after. Off to the casino we went.

On the casino, we did pretty much what people expected. We gambled…(And drank.) Jadis was cleaning up at the Roulette table, Trin was going nuts at the slots, while Jack, Zette, Lil, and I walked and watched.

Jask was hovering around looking for a card table to play at, but all the minimum bets were $15, so he stuck to the slots…and, of course, won some sweet cash! (Now remember, Jack had car issues before that sucked him of his cash, so if anyone deserved to win, it was him.

Soon after, we headed out of the casino and trekked up to T.G.I.Fridays’s. (I had scoped it out before and they had Karaoke there.) None of us got up to sing except Zette. Man! What a voice! (BTW, Zette, you’re much shorted that I imagined. :wink:

We continued to drink and drink and drink…(and drink) before heading back to the hotel to call it a night. Zette and Jadis when to their rooms and Lil was nice enough to put Jack up so he wouldn’t have to cross the boarder to go home that night. Trin and I toddled of to our room to get some sleep.

[Knock knock] Jack and Lil were at our hotel room door. Then came in and we chewed the fat for about 3 minutes or so.

[Knock knock] In come Zette and Jadis. :slight_smile: Luckily, Trin and I had some booze left over from the night before. So we chatted and drank some more. By this time, Zette had gotten her second wind, but we were all to tired (and DRUNKITY DRUNK DRUNK) to go any further. We all parted ways and went to bed.

[Time passes]
Bring Bring 9AM. Lil is called us to see if Trin and I were up. (Of course we weren’t though.) But we got up, packed our bags and toddled off to Lils room. Jack looked pretty rough and he was all congested. At that time Zette called and we all checked out and headed to the cars.

It was then that we decided to get some breakfast and headed to Denny’s. After being dry humped by the Denny’s organization with our $115 bill (!), we then parted ways and headed home. (Well, Jadis, Zette, and Jack went back to the Niagara Tower.)

I’ve only been home a few hours now, and I’m beat.

It was great meeting you all! We have to do this again soon!

It was great meeting all you guys too - it was an awesome weekend for my very first DopeFest!


Update coming, but suffice to say:
I had WAY more fun then I could have imagined, and I imagined I’d have quite a lot of fun.

Thanks for the memories, you guys.


I would personally like to vote this one of the BEST Mini Fests ever!

I thought of you guys when I was in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and at the Niagara Wine and Food Festival in St. Catherines. Too bad you didn’t go there - I would have tried to find you! Some other time, perhaps! :slight_smile: