Post-Season Series-Ending Walk-off Home-Runs

Without commenting on the prospect of yet another World Series appearance by the Yankees, other than to say: :rolleyes:

I think I saw a graphic at the end of last night’s game, saying that there had only been 5 postseason series that ended with a HR. I didn’t hear any elaboration, so I thought I’d see if I could come up with them all.

All I have are: Bill Mazeroski (1960 WS); Chris Chambliss (1976? ALCS), and Joe Carter (1993? WS). Do we count Bobby Thompson (1951 tie-breaker playoff)? Who’d I miss?

Someone in the 2000 NLCS from the Mets. Sorry, can’t remember his name.

Series ending home runs. Besides Mazeroski, Chambliss, and Carter, there would also be Todd Pratt of the 1999 NY Mets who did the deed against Arizona.

Bobby Thomson’s (NO P!) home run technically came in a regular season game.

Here they are in handy-dandy chart form:

2003 ALCS: Aaron Boone, Yankees vs. Red Sox

1999 NLDS: Todd Pratt, Mets vs. Diamondbacks

1993 World Series: Joe Carter, Blue Jays vs. Phillies

1976 ALCS: Chris Chambliss, Yankees vs. Royals

1960 World Series: Bill Mazeroski, Pirates vs. Yankees

Well, that about covers it. Thanks, all.

BobT - of Bobby Thomson and Robby Thompson, I knew one was missing the ‘P’. Guessed wrong.

(Odd, that Todd Pratt’s went in one brain cell and out the other. Maybe it’s because the Division Series doesn’t really count, or something…:slight_smile: )

No it did not.

The Giants and the Dodgers were tied for first place at the end of the regular season so a three game playoff series was used to determine the pennant winner.

They were playoff games, not regular season games.

Hmm, my first post died.

According to MLB, tiebreakers are considered part of the regular season.

Also check how the standings are reported in 1951 and 1962 when there were playoffs (I’m leaving out other years for brevity)

The tiebreakers are played with the expanded rosters that teams use in September. It’s just an additional game or games tacked on to the regular season.