Post showing up as a blank message

Edit or quote it, and you’ll see the text. It’s showing up as a blank message on the board, though.

EDIT: It displays just fine on my vBulletin 3.7 board. Here, though, it shows up as blank.

It looks like your whole post is a quote, which the board doesn’t usually let you sumbit without a couple characters of original content. Weird. Maybe it lets you edit a post with a quote to remove the original content, but then won’t actually display it? If that’s not it, I got nothin’.

We’re having an issue with posts that have unclosed tags showing up blank. Yours doesn’t appear to have that problem. Let me play with it for a few minutes and see if I can figure out the problem…

I removed the quote tags and it works. I inserted a marker where the quote began. Maybe somebody else can come up with a better fix.

It looks like the post is just plain too long. I duplicated the post and tried splitting it in half (pulling part of the quoted material out into a separate post) and it works just fine that way.

You had a VERY long quote in there anyway. I think you’d be better off just quoting a few specific things you’d like to comment on, and then linking to the full transcript.