Post Virus/Spyware problem

Hello, all

I have an irritating problem that I was hoping for some help on. I recently had virus and spyware problems that I have taken care of. One lingering issue is that my desktop background was highjacked and replaced with an antivirus advert (ironic). I have cleared that, but now I have a background that is blank, except for my icons, and it flashes if I scroll over it. I cannot seem to reload a background by the usual means. I am running WIndows ME. Any ideas?



Could it be an Active Desktop issue? Try right-clicking somewhere on your desktop, going to the Active Desktop menu, and then uncheck Show Web Items. Sorry, it’s been a while since I used Me so I’m not sure if that’s the exact procedure (or even the right issue).

Thanks for the response. The problem is i don’t have the ability to access active desktop.

Hmm, did you try this procedure?

You can follow the advice in Reply’s link, but chances are that the Web and Desktop tabs are hidden.

To enable these tabs you’ll have to manually edit the Windows Registry. Look at the entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies and
There you will find entries like DoNotShowWeb (I don’t remember the exact name). You can either delete these entries completely or set their value to zero.

Reply and Dog…OK you guy’s are great. As I said the problem was only an annoyance, but it was getting to me. Dog, you were right, I couldn’t follow through on Reply’s suggestion, as there was no tab. After I followed through with the REGEDIT idea of yours, THEN I could go back and do as Reply had suggested. Thanks to you both…alot.