Annoying Windows problem (backgrounds and desktop images)

I am having a problem in Windows 2000. I recently experimented with a number of different background for my desktop. I decided to revert to the one I originally had, but now when I lock my PC or when it is shutting down or booting up one of the other background images is displayed.

I think it is called the splash screen, but I don’t know.

Does anyone know how to change it back? I have tried looking in the help files and on Msofts own website but I have had no look.


Does it show the old one while loading, and then switch to the one you chose?

This is probably because Active Desktop is turned on. You can turn it off by right-clicking the desktop, going to Active Desktop and unchecking Show Web Content.

It will try to turn Active Desktop back on if you select a .jpg as your background. Save the image as a .bmp to avoid this problem.

It shows the one I decided not to use (I applied it to the background and then changed my mind) while loading and then when loaded, reverts to my desktop.