Post Your Favorite Addictive Game

So, what’s your favorite stupid (or not-so-stupid) but incredibly addictive Internet game? For the moment, mine would have to be Slime Volleyball, though of course I’m always open to new suggestions. Make sure to link if you’re the first one posting it!

I’ve always been a fan of this Flash version ofpong, even though I can’t yet beat the computer.

This one at the moment…simple and fast…and hard!

Mah Jhong. I play it mostly on


My absolute favorite addiction is Inklink on

It’s incredibly simple, and unfortunately attracts a lot of incredibly stupid players, but it’s still a good waste of time, and utilizes my artistic skills at the same time.

I play Avatar MUD. (You know [or maybe you don’t ;)] MUD, MUSH, MERC-- etc. roleplaying. mostly text based games but a few have images.
or you can use your telnet program that should come with every computer, but it doesn’t have a search option for different MUDs.


[sub] port 3000[/sub]