Post your favorite Podcasts!

It’s been done before but I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

SModcast and the PVP/PA DnD Adventures are the two best podcasts I enjoy listening to.

Not sure how to link to it- as I just go to iTunes and searched for them and then subscribed to them. Just search for the Dungeons and Dragon’s Official PodCast and Download the ones that are the PVP/PA ones (But right now their website is being funky and only has season 3 up, though it’s worth a visit as each one did come with it’s own artwork).

The Moth
Binge thinking history (these come out really slowly though)
The History of Rome
In our time with Melvyn Bragg
The memory palace
My history can beat up your politics
Oxford Biographies
Radio Lab

Battleship Pretension
Comedy Death Ray radio
Jordan, Jesse, Go
Never Not Funny

Adam Carolla.
Great stories and interviews, always funny.

I am a HUGE fan of Liam Lynch’s podcast: Lynchland.

I made a previous attempt to share the joy with fellow Dopers, but either no one checked it out, or none of those who checked it out were impressed.

I hereby resubmit it for Doper consumption. One of the best things on the internet. Check it out. Love it.

Adam Carolla
Bill Simmons

They crank out about 8 or 9 hours of content a week so I’m lucky to keep up with them let alone any others. Occasionally I try to dabble in some of the other ESPN stuff, especially the Fantasy Sports and Football ones, and I try and be a good citizen and listen to the Obama Address each week.

Can we also include a description of each podcast and why you like it? That way we can decide if we might be interested rather than just trying to guess at the content based on the name.

Here is a Copy and Paste of my OP from the above linked Thread describing Lynchland and why I like it:

If you don’t know him by name, some “Oh, that guy!” references:
Liam Lynch was co-creator and co-star of the 90’s MTV Show Sifl and Olly.
He had some radio play with his song United States of Whatever, here he is playing it live with Dave Grohl on drums.
He did some work with Tenacious D, including directing their film Pick of Destiny.
He’s done some work with Sarah Silverman, including directing her film Jesus is Magic.
If you’ve never seen any of his video podcasts, I highly recommend them. They’re free on iTunes and you can watch them on his website There’s some serious funny going on here.

Music, animations, puppets- usually just him in front of a green screen he’s got set up at his house. Sometimes with guest appearances, often we see Matt Croco- his partner from Sifl and Olly.

The recent podcasts have been 20min to 30min episodes with a single plot, really self contained short films. These have been really cool but I don’t think they’re the best introduction. If you wanna check out the podcasts, I recommend starting with the early ones, which are short sketches.

Some highlights courtesy of YouTube:[ul]
[li] Here’s an animation he did for a spoken word piece by “experimental musician” Dan Deacon called Drinking out of Cups[/li][li] Liam interviews the Three Little Pigs[/li][li] Here we see him as a frustrated suburban goth trying to launch his music career by writing local T.V. commercials.[/li][li] I really laugh at these two flies Jerry and Pete.[/li][li] “Night Life” episode explores nocturnal animals including the Shock Worm.[/li][li] Liam Spends a Day with Ringo![/li][/ul]

Already a fan? What are your thoughts?
Never heard of it before? Try the Youtube primer I’ve put together here.

The Daily Audio Bible. The host reads the entire Bible over the entire year. He changes the translation every week. There is usually some commentary at the end of the podcast, which I usually skip.

ESPN Football Today. I’ve listened to every podcast since 2007. 30-45 minutes of discussions of NFL football. During the season, the Friday episode previews all the week’s games. Runs once a week or so during the offseason.

ESPN College football. Pretty much the same as above. Runs every 2 weeks or so in the offseason and is a great way to stay on top of college football.

Rangers Podcast in Arlington. Very in depth coverage of the Texas Rangers baseball team. New podcast about every 2 weeks. Athleticscast is a podcast covering the Oakland A’s but hasn’t posted a new podcast in months.

C-Span After words. An author of a new book is interviewed by someone in the same field. Runs an hour.

Bloomberg on the Economy. An economist is interviewed for about a half hour.

CNBC Options Action. A video podcast covering options trading.
Tony Campolo podcast**. A podcast version of Campolo’s UK radio show. Covers his views on world events though a centrist Christian perspective.

I’ll jump on this one as well, for the same reasons. Adam is funny, and does a brain dump of what he thinks. It’s filled with common sense stuff that just crack me up.
“You know you made it in life when you die in your own bunker, or if you have a sneaker named after you.”

As well as:
Onion Radio News - Does this really need an explanation? It’s parody news at its finest.
Onion News Network - ditto
Steve Jones (A SQL Server database administrator type podcast) - This is what I do in real life when I’m not on a ball field officiating.
various ones from NPR even though I’m a little more right-wing than some of their smug self righteous comments allow me to tolerate. - I’m a fan of puzzles.

Both of this were recommended by dopers:

  1. 12 Byzantine Rulers: Self explanatory title. I can only say is that it’s great.

  2. Hard Core History by Dan Carlin: A great show about pretty much all periods of history. The last three episodes were about the eastern front during WWII.

The Children’s Hour of Knowledge – a twisted but highly amusing puppet show. Not suitable for children.

On a similar note, I recommend Dave Dameshek’s podcast. While he doesn’t have the same leeway that Carolla and Simmons have, it’s sports talk from a fan’s perspective plus random pop discussion.

My favorite (semi)recurring segment is “Hypothetical Horatio” (usually on Fridays)–Dave comes up with what is CSI Miami scenario (e.g. murder of the week) and prompts listeners to come up with their best corny David Caruso/Horatio Caine response to the murder-of-the-week. It’s good for several laugh-out-loud responses each time.

Knitting podcasts are not for the feint of heart.

The Bored Again Christian. “Christian music for people who hate Christian music” is one of its taglines, which should be enough to let you know whether you’ll like it or not.

Savage Lovecast – the podcast version of Dan Savage’s column, where he answers additional questions from call-in listeners.
Slate’s Hang Up and Listen – Very good general sports discussion. Stefan Fatsis is involved, which is always a plus.

Coverville - a surprisingly professionally done music cast, with a generalist bent, focused around song covers.

Thursday Science with Dr Karl - a call-in, popular science show, cut down to about 40 minutes after the music’s edited out.

The BBC’s Thinking Allowed - a pleasant little middlebrow chat show.

A number of the ABC’s science shows, especially Ockham’s Razor. Again, middlebrow science that’s informative without being too challenging to listen to on the train.

The ones that I listen to with the most frequency are:

The Tolkien Professor - A professor of Medieval Literature’s lectures on the works of Tolkien.

Declaring Independence - A one hour radio show that focuses on current events and political discussion, with a focus on law, religion, and science. Hosted by the same fellow that writes Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

Reasonable Doubts - A radio show that dubs itself as ‘your skeptical guide to religion’. A lot of focus on counter-apologetics with a more serious and academic take (one of the hosts is a doctor of psychology and teaches a Psychology of Religion course) than many other shows of this sort.

Astronomy cast - Astronomy Cast takes a fact based journey through the cosmos as it offers listeners weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology.

Plus I will put in another plug for Dan Carlin’s Hard Core History.

Another vote for Dan Carlin


The Skeptics guide to the Universe. The best podcast for skeptical inquiry.

The Bugle. Current affairs comedy with **the Daily Shows **John Oliver and fellow brit Andy Zaltsman.

Decoder Ring Adventure.2 shows from there, **Black Jack Justice **and The Adventures of the Red Panda. Pulp radio adventures, the former a classic detective drama, the latter is superhero themed. Incredibly fun, top banter.

The Pritzer military academy. Author gives a lecture about his book then gives a Q&A. Check out the Max Hastings and Thomas E Ricks talks.

Scott Sigler. Best selling author, reads his books( with very high production values) online. Start with** Earthcore**.