Post your favorite season or series finales.

My first submission: DS9: season 2.

I thought the finale of **Justified **was great, especially the last bit of dialog between Raylan and Boyd: “We dug coal together”.

Only one reply to the thread and you beat me to it - I just loved that last scene.

“The Gift”, last episode of Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was the last episode they ever filmed, there was really nothing left to say after that.

La, la, la, la, I can’t hear you.

Community’s Season 6, and probably series, finale really hit the spot, with a self-referential heaartfelt goodbye.

The series finale of Six Feet Under, which was beautifully and satisfyingly done.

The first two that come to mind are both generally disliked by fans of the shows: the series finales of XENA and QUANTUM LEAP.

The fifth season finale of BUFFY was actually the perfect place to end the series, except that stopping the show there would cost us “Once More with Feeling.”

The first season finale of ANGEL was great enough to overcome my genial dislike of season-ending cliffhangers. Likewise the DS9 season finale when Sisko & crew lost the station and the Dominion War began in earnest.

The series finale of FRASIER is elevated to greatness by the scene in which Frasier gathers his family to tell them he’s about to move to San Francisico and they mistakenly (but believably) think he’s dying.

ETA: DS9’s series finale would belong on the list if they’d ended it before the Sisko-Dukat duel. Really, the whole Dukat/Kai Winn part of the final arc was ill thought. I blame whomever I’m scapegoating this week.


One Foot in the Grave

This. I’ve never seen such a great final episode.

The final episode of Angel was perfect.

Game over.

I disagree. The Newhart final episode, while undeniably great and my personal favorite, requires the viewer to be aware of the previous series at least to the degree of recognizing Suzanne Pleshette. That flaw makes the episode less than perfect. The perfect ending shouldn’t require any outside viewing, just the series.

I’m conflicted about this one. On the one hand the ambiguous ending works, but I’m not convinced it was meant to be ambiguous. It feels more like something that was meant to be a cliffhanger.

Also I never forgave them for killing off Fred.

Stop saying things I agree with, you bastard. It freaks me out. This is your only warning.


My favorite season-ending cliffhanger was the King of the Hill episode with the propane explosion at the Mega-Lo-Mart. In the following season’s premiere, we learn that Hank and Luann are safe, but Luann’s loser boyfriend died. He was the idiot who was dragging around a propane tank by the valve.

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Breaking Bad yet.

When Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” played I got goosebumps.


Some (perhaps all?) of the season finales of Breaking Bad were great as well. In particular, I liked the fourth season finale, which ended with Gus walking out of that room. And the second season finale ended with that plane crash.

The second season of Millennium ended with a riveting cliffhanger that promised to take the show in a new intriguing apocalyptic direction. The beginning of the third season then proceeded shit all over it. I stopped watching the show after that.

The finale of Blakes 7 was a good one.

The Quantum Leap finale wasn’t liked? I thought it was a very nice way to wrap things up, Dr Samuel Beckett’s urge to help anyone he can overcoming the physics trying to pull him back home.

It was unexpected and didn’t leave me feeling that anyone was given a bum deal really.

I don’t want to rehash a discussion of the series finale of Lost (which was, at best, deeply flawed) but some of the season finales were fun.