Post your Firefox Most Visited.

Here’s how to make it easy to post them… Make use of ff’s cool drag links feature. Open notepad, arrange such that both firefox and notepad are visible. Open Most viewed and drag your links to notepad. You might have to add line breaks once you’ve pasted all the urls.

Then wrap your reply in the [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse] tag like so…
url 1
url 2
url 3
and so on

Mine shows an unhealthy obsession with a certain website :D…


http://work intranet/

FYI second top is MPSIMS. The intranet is only there because it’s my homepage.

Might help if you’d let us know where this Most Viewed thing is, because I’m running Firefox 3.0.3 and I can’t find it in any of the menus at the top of the screen.

Mine looks similar, except I have MySpace, facebook, and my email account.


Turn on your bookmarks toolbar and it’s usually on the far-left.

Or if you don’t want to turn on a toolbar…

go bookmarks->bookmarks toolbar->Most Viewed

Thanks. Well, I can’t drag them to notepad because Notepad goes away every time I give that menu focus, but mine are:

#1. Helldump 2000 (subforum on the Something Awful Forums)*
#2. The BBQ Pit*
#3. Cafe Society
#4. Yahoo Mail
#6. SDMB forum listing
#7. Something Awful forum listing
#8. (torrent site)
#9. (NZB site)
#10. YouTube
*My two top links are basically forums devoted to bitching about things and telling people that they suck. Hmm. That’s not good!