Post Your Mother's Day Loot Here

This morning before I woke up, my husband and son snuck off to the store to shop for me. Nicky picked out my presents all by himself. I got a white rose, an Etch-A-Sketch, and two Barbie dolls. I love them! I posted some pictures at (Holidays > Mother’s Day 2001)

He also brought home a potted flower in a hand-painted flowerpot that he made in his kindergarten class, and a little booklet about “what is a mom” that has quotes from all the kids in his class. His said: “Moms make food. My mom helps me and protects me. I love my mom”

I love my kiddo.

My husband got me new speakers for my computer and a PlayStation2 (which is half my present and half his birthday present from last fall–we tried to get it then but I think everyone knows how impossible that was)

They took me out to brunch and we spent a lot of the day lounging in our king-size bed playing PlayStation games :slight_smile: And of course taking a nap. It was a good day.

Well, since my mom doesn’t post here…

First of all, I bought her some trinkets from the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens when I was there a few weeks ago: a box of really lovely flower cards (she collects boxes & boxes of cards–she’s a note writer); a rose teapot refrigerator magnet; and an embroidered lavender sachet.

Then, today, I went and filled up her gas tank (which is a big deal in L.A.!), and took it to the car wash. I’m also going to take it in for an oil change later this week.

I do try to be a good daughter for my mommy.

Three healthy, talented, intelligent and happy teenyboppers who still hug their mom every day. They are more than I ever hoped for and probably more than I deserve. And now that the mush is flowing freely, I think I’ll go tell them all that right now.

No children, but Mr. Grace took me to dinner and a movie. We sent my MIL and my grandmother flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day. My siblings and I pitched in and bought my mother a mother’s ring with two sapphire stones, an amtheyst, a aquamarine, and a diamond. My mom and dad are visiting his brother in Wisconsin and dad hid the ring in the spare tire until today.

Ummm, that was Amethyst. I really should use the preview feature.

I got cards from my husband and my dog (my husband is weird) and I have a gift on the way but he won’t tell me what it is.

I am taking my mom out on Tuesday when she has some time.

My 11 yo son made me a card:
M for My Mom is…
My 14 yo daughter gave me a silver/beaded anklet, silver/beaded tiny hoop earrings and a votive holder with stained glass roses. My SO took me to Sweet Tomatoes (salad/soup/bakery) and to The Range to teach me to shoot his Glock 19. He said I was to be feared in a dark alley!

My sister, brother, and I bought my mom a weekend in a bed and breakfast. We’re Good Children.

It started with my drunk husband passing out in the car at 1:15AM.

I woke up at 7am with my daughter while my husband slept in until 10:30.

He made a last-minute reservation at 11:30 for brunch. I’d already made breakfast for ToddlerNym (at 10)…and it was too early to have lunch. Not to mention the fact that I had told him Thursday that the last thing I wanted to do was spend $20/person for a “high end cafeteria.”

I do NOT open a card or a gift because I didn’t get either.

ToddlerNym and I take a shower together…as usual. I think it’s been 15 months since I’ve taken a shit by myself.

At 1:30 he decides he wants to take ToddlerNym to a local glorified park/petting zoo…an hour before her nap.

I decide to go to the grocery store and take her with me. She’ll fall asleep on the way home and I’ll get some stuff done. He asks me if I want him to go too and I tell him to call his mother and find out if she likes the orchid I sent her.

ToddlerNym decides to take a FOUR HOUR nap so I sleep with her for the last two hours…after making lunch for MrDuhnym and myself.

MrDUhnym decides that today is the perfect day to rotisserie for the first time and goes to the grocery store for the third time in his life to buy a chicken. How fitting.

He comes back with a card and flowers. Dick.

After dinner (I made the salad, the veggie, the starch), I clean up whilst he lies on the sofa watching The Simpsons.

He takes ToddlerNym into the jacuzzi at our insistance (“It’s too cold out there for her!” We live in CA, it’s 60 degrees and the water is 102!) for 30 minutes while I skim MPSIMS and join PimpWars.

He goes to bed at 9:30.

I give ToddlerNym ice cream, read her some stories and put her to bed an hour after her Daddy goes to bed.

I remove the cork from a very good zinfandel and light a cigarette.

Tomorrow will be better…MrDuhnym goes out of town for the week.

Okay…ToddlerNym insisted on lots of “kissies” today. She has been doing “yucky kisses” (licks) and I’ve transitioned her to nose-kisses, so I got a lot of those today.

She was also unusually cuddly today, w/o being clingy. We amused everyone in Safeway with the “me want cuddle and nose kissy” thing.

I called my mom and she said I was HER favorite mother…my mom kicks serious ass.

It wasn’t all bad.

I’m just very pissed an MrDuhnym.

VERY pissed.

Saturday, my 3 year old and I made his mother (my wife) a jewelry box and a candle. Neither were as professional as could be gotten from a store, but they turned out pretty ok. And we made chocolate waffles for breakfast.

She claimed it was the best ever.

What’d my own mother get? Well, my wife was kind enough to send that off last week. I don’t actually know what it was. Bad me.

My daughter gave me a griddle - actually very thoughtful of her as I’ve been wanting to get one for quite a while, but I never got around to it. Then she went over to her bf’s house while I worked on her prom dress. My husband was gone all day - he’s taking a class to get his Captain’s license, so I’ll hardly see him for the rest of the week.

I called my mother and got to listen to the usual litany of wonderful things that are happening there - I’m the daughter who left home - the only one not within a short drive… whatever.

Personally, I think it’s a silly pseudo-holiday.

I got my gifts early because I was out desperately jamming some nearly-dead annuals into a flowerbed on Thursday and Mr. Cranky thought it fitting to give them then. It was (drum roll) gardening stuff. Plus two cards which I got on Mother’s Day, one from him, one from Cranky Jr. My Mother-in-law gave me a book and some notecards

I hate how Mother’s Day cards are so expensive. I swear they tack on an extra $.75 to $2.00 because they know guilty children will pay it.

I gave my mom some bread pans, some godiva chocolates, and some mini-gladiola bulbs. I gave Mr. Cranky’s mom a Longaberger basket. I gave Mr. Cranky’s Nana a necklace that I beaded myself.

I’m sorry–did I use the pronoun “I” in that last paragraph? That was suppposed to be “we” even though I bought everything, paid for everything, and wrapped everything, and chose, signed, addressed, and mailed the cards completely on my own.

My son went in a store(telling me not to look and see what store) to get me something.
He gotme a lovely little candle that smells like Plumeria.
SO I lit it for him yesterday so he could take a candle bath.

First thing when I woke up Sunday morning my daughter hands me a bunch of flowers that she made for me. I’m still not sure how she made them but they are pretty neat looking and very colorful. Very sweet daughter. I was then taken out to breakfast at La Madeleine. I had been wanting to eat there for a long time and they were insistent that we go where I wanted. I felt bad because it wasn’t as good as I had heard and none of use liked our breakfast but we had a good time. Lunch time we picked up my mom and met his mom at eatZi’s. Very enjoyable and had a good visit. Rest of the day was spent working on daughters science project that was due today. All in all I had a very good day.

Sunday was both my first mother’s day and my first wedding anniversary so it was a big day for me. We have a six week old son so my husband got up with him and let me sleep until 10:00 am and when I got up I had a mother’s day card from him, a mother’s day card from Joshua, an anniversary card from him and a “Greatest Mommy Award” sheet from them both. Then I made breakfast and them my mother and grandmother came over and then we went out to eat while my MIL watched the baby. A good day.

Ehm… I got the cheesiest, corniest, lamest card I have ever seen from my mother.

— G. Raven

You’re kidding! Really? What a cad!

I’m not a mother. In fact, I’m not even a woman. On Mothers’ Day, though, I got a cheapy digital camera, filet mignon, and some of Mom’s home-made chili.

… and all I got for Mom was a five-CD set of John Denver. I’m sure she enjoyed my company, though.

Take off every .sig for great justice!!

Sue - before someone explained your name to me, I thought it was Sue done him and that him was really lucky to get done by Sue. After this weekend, you may have to change your name to Sue done him in.

I got my Mom a stoneware box with a Celtic triskelion motif on top (the box is a rounded triangle) - you flip the lid over and there are three slots for tea lights (candles included but they smelled :blech: ) I also got her a jewelry roll that was on her list.

I nearly got her a card that said something like "Mom, I remember all the pouting, demands, and problem while I was growing up…

Dad was a handful, wasn’t he?"
I was afraid it would be more likely to make her cry than laugh though.

Mr Persephone got me flowers and some cards…last Sunday. He got the days mixed up. :smiley:

Saturday, we had brunch with my whole family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grandma, everybody. That was fun.

Yesterday, we had breakfast with my mom & her SO, my brother, his wife, and their son, and me, my husband and our kids. My mom gave me a really cool bag with a bunch or little stuff in it. Scented soaps, a kick-butt shower scrub brush from Crabtree & Evelyn, a Clinique box, a handmade (not by her) wooden crochet hook, and the most wonderful pair of Goddess earrings, that perfectly match my Goddess necklace.

I made gift baskets this year. Put some crocheted dishcloths & coasters in them, little yarn boquets of flowers, and an Avon Pink Ribbon bear in them. I had a great time making them, and they turned out looking really nice, if I do say so myself. :slight_smile: