What did you get your mom for Mother's day?

I’m a little bit short on cash this year, so I had to improvise. I made a nice beaded necklace, and painted a box to put it in.

So what did you get your mom? Or what are you doing for her?

My Mom lost a necklace a few years ago that she really loved and I found it last week so I’m going to give it to her that in a jewelry box I made in woodworking.


My mom is getting a phone call. If we had planned to go visit her, we’d have probably taken her out to eat, but that’s not going to happen today. And really, we’ve never made a big deal about Mothers Day.

I got my Mom a card and two books that I know she’ll like. If she has the free time, I’ll probably take her to lunch or dinner or something – whatever she prefers.

I potted a planter with baby roses(white and red) and am taking it out to the cemetery later today. I think about her often diring the year but I really miss her on this day each year.

Some violets I picked from the backyard and a card.

A manicure/pedicure set and some foot creams from bath&body works. I was suprisingly on top of mothers day this year- I bought her gift and a card two days in advance.

A card and a phone call. If we lived in the same city, I’d take her out to dinner.

We don’t buy gifts for mother’s day or father’s day. My parents don’t want them.

I still can’t tell. I shipped it late.

I’m a bad, bad child, I know.

Had some very nice ink sketchs made of our three kids (her grandchildren). They are extreme close-ups of their respective faces only showing the eyes, nose, chin. Hard to describe, but framed up together in a black frame with white matting, it looks pretty cool. She really liked it.


I took her to the Atlanta premiere of Monster-in-Law . We’re both big movie fans, so when I heard they were premiering it in Atlanta at the Fox, I knew I’d found the perfect present.

She loved it. :smiley:

A hat with a great big round brim and some really nice leather gardening gloves.

Oh shit.

What is Mother’s day doing this early?


This is my first year at college, so Friday morning on a whim I hopped a bus and now I’m here for the weekend. :slight_smile: I also picked up a bobble-head Shakespeare from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival – she likes goofy things like that.

Basket of flowers, lunch at a really nice Italian place, card from me, card from the wife. :smiley:

A few things from Best Buy that she picked out, a card, lunch with her and my brother at a casual little Italian place that she likes, and a dozen yellow roses (her favorite flower). All in all, I think this was a pretty good Mother’s Day for her. :slight_smile:

Well we had planned on doing it at on our normal day, but we caught word that you’d gotten the hang of when it was, so we bumped it up a couple weeks.

Don’t worry, it won’t be until June sometime next year.

Pst, guys, how’s mid-April for you?

A really pretty bracelet and a card I personally made on a computer program.

Is mother’s day on a different date in different countries? I know a Turkish work colleague mentioned something about it being much later in the year than in the UK.

For Mum’s Mum day, I bought her a book of Irish poetry and a card. Mum and I are easy to buy for, books do quite nicely :slight_smile: