Post your premonitions!

Ok, here’s the plan.
We’re always seeing people on TV who reckon they knew some major event would happen but there’s usually no way to prove them right or wrong. If they’re telling the truth, this sort of thing should happen to everyone. That’s where this thread comes in.
This thread will be the place for dopers to post descriptions of vivid dreams, visions and any other supernatural heeby-jeeby things. Then, if they happen in real life, we have dated proof that you knew it would. Woohoo!

[sub]Note: I’m not sure if I believe in this sort of stuff or not, I’m hoping this thread will convince me either way[/sub]

Um–what are the penalties for failure? Suppose I were to go on record saying that I’d had a dream that Dubya would renounce the presidency for the woman he loved, a blonde named Madonna Ciccone? And then it didn’t happen? What then?

Last night I dreamt I was talking to Meg Ryan. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not it comes true.

A while ago I had this extremely vivid dream that Lucien Bouchard had resigned as premier of Quebec. So much so that when I woke up I wasn’t sure if it were a dream or not, and I asked James if he had. He said no. A week later Bouchard resigned.


I predict that Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar will have a huge cat fight, Man will colonize Mars and it will become the new “Hoboken”, The “cool” new tattoo will be a Care Bear on your ass (specifically ‘Funshine’), and the next flavor of Pringles will be “Old Bay”.

See if I’m wrong.