Ever Dreamed About the Dope?

Two nights ago I dreamed about the Straight Dope. In the dream, I stumbled across an old thread that I had written years ago, entitled, “I just murdered my brother.” And people were at first amused and then, when they realized I was serious, completely horrified. ''There’s so much blood!" I wrote. “I don’t know what to do!” Everybody was shocked that I could be capable of such a horrible crime. Naturally someone came in to warn me not to post about it because it could be used against me in court.

This was shocking to me as well, as I had completely forgotten that I was guilty of murder. It explained the derision I was getting from all the Dopers. I then tried to call in sick to work with the excuse that my brother died. I conveniently left out the part about how I had killed him.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have a brother, or homicidal intent.

So, what about you guys? Ever dreamed about the Dope?

I don’t *think *I’ve dreamed about the SDMB, but I don’t remember many of my dreams. I have dreamed about murdering my brother, if you met him you’d understand why.

I often have odd little dreams where I think of something brilliant to ask about in GQ, only to find in the morning that it isn’t that brilliant - or, and this is pretty common too - it might be an interesting enough question (but not brilliant), but it would make me look odd for asking it.

For instance, last week I wondered if I had had a mild heart attack X years ago (I think it was 10), would there be any way for the docs to tell now? Are there any markers in the blood or some other marker? (AFAIK, I have never had a heart attack, and I have no idea why the question came to me while I was dreaming.)

It is an interesting enough question, I still kind of wonder - is there some way to tell about past heart incidences? But if I asked it and gave this disclaimer, I am doubtful anyone would believe that it came in a dream. People would assume I had a deeper reason to ask. (A fare enough assumption too, I think. Many people or at least some, would fib about it, if they were really thinking that they had had a heart attack.) Rather than answers I’d get a dozen well-meaning posts saying: Seriously, if you think you’ve had a heart attack go to a doctor!

This kind of question is quite common in my dreams, I have no idea why. I had another one a few weeks back that I cannot recall, but I do remember waking and thinking: If you ask that, people will think you’re *very *weird…

So I usually keep my dream questions to myself.

A few years ago I also had a very convoluted dream and somewhere in the background I saw Batman leading an elephant and I thought: Wow, he really is prepared! (or some such.)

So yes.

Yes, all the time. I dream a LOT and often dream about what I was just doing before bed and usually it’s the Dope.

I’ve been dreaming about baseball a lot lately, because that’s what I’m doing before bed. So of course I can’t remember what my SDMB dreams are but it definitely comes in to my mind.

Yes. It was a “pefect” SDMB where I could “see” all the lines of text being posted, replies, links, everything. God mode.

Yes, an EKG, stress test and/or echocardiogram will show heart damage indicative of a past heart attack.

And yes to the OP, too. Naughty ones. Not telling. :wink:

I’m not sure if this specifically qualifies, but last night I dreamed I was visiting a human Mars colony. I’m positive this was influenced by a thread recently that asked whether or not you would volunteer to colonize Mars.

So, in my dream, I distinctly remember that I was visiting a nuclear reactor on Mars (this is actually tied to my real life vocation) and I remember telling the security guard “I’m from Earth” and then chuckling that I’d never, ever used that phrase before.

Wow. I love dreams. I could write a movie…

I had a dream once that I looked up a book at the library that turned out to be the novelization of a porn movie recently discussed on the Dope.

I also had a dream once that I was scheduled to be a competitor on Jeopardy soon, and someone was trying to kill Jeopardy contestants, so they gave me twickster’s contact information and a former Navy SEAL/mercenary type out of too many romantic suspense novels showed up and helped out.

And a dream once that Dangerosa gave me a ride to a yarn store to pick up my prize from a different online community contest. This was amusing, because Dangerosa lives near where I grew up, and I don’t.

That’s not necessarily all, but it’s all I recall offhand. I don’t remember my dreams often, but when I do, they often take odd pieces of my life and reassemble them in ways that start out making sense, and then deteriorate.


For a while it was anxiety/antic-driven dreams where I kept trying to s’plain where I was coming from, and always coming off looking bad.

Now, whenever I have Dope-driven dreams, we’re all pulling each other’s pants down and chortling.

This was my dream, posted in another thread (touching on the same topic!)

I dreamed about Sampiro last night!

I’ve never met the man and he doesn’t know me from Adam, and yet there he was in my dream, storing old family documents in plastic folders with rips and holes in them, and then burying them in his swampy backyard. I tried to tell him that they’ll get wet and decay in no time, and he should switch to archival quality acid-free folders with no holes, but he wouldn’t listen.
Sampiro, if you’re reading this, from the little I know of you, I feel certain that you would not be so careless with priceless family documents. I apologize for my subconscious mind.


Uh – helped out killing me, or helped out protecting me? Just curious.

And in answer to the OP’s question – sometimes, but never anything particularly interesting, and usually, as Khadaji, “I should post this or that.”

That is hilarious.

Depsite never actually going to one; I dreamed I went to a Doper party.
Lotsa’ drink’n and fuck’n going on.

I’ve never dreamed about posting to the dope or anything but a couple years ago I had a dream that my mom was trying to force me to marry Autolycus.

The only dream I ever had was after meeting a doper IRL. A few weeks later I had a dream that it was her birthday so I called to see what she was up to (I wouldn’t have actually done this, we’ve only met once). She told me she was going out so I asked if I could, maybe, tag along. For some reason I think I was annoyed that she didn’t invite me to her party. She said “Ummm, how about this, I’ll send one of my friends over to your house and maybe she’ll let you sign my card”.

The only reason that sticks in my head is that because it seemed like such a bizarre response.

Neither–you weren’t in any particular danger–only future Jeopardy contestants were in danger. I think he was more interested in you romantically than in me, which was irritating because it was my dream. Or else you had a history . . .

Because I thought I’d started a thread on the topic at the time, I’m rereading the titles of all the threads I ever have started–boy have I started a lot of eminently forgettable threads.

But I’d definitely forgotten that TubaDiva once visited me in my dreams.

Here’s the tale featuring Dangerosa.

But if I posted about the adventure with twickster, it was not in a thread started by me.

Why do I keep thinking that the thread title is Ever Dreamed About the Pope?

We I dream about the Dope you are all naked. Every single one of you.