Postal Problem What to do next??

As a person who orders from Ebay (mostly CDs cheap stuff) I used to get a lot of things delivered. Now all of a sudden I have had three people tell me they sent items and of course they never arrived. Now I received 2 of those slips saying “we have mail come get it at the post office.” (these had the sender’s addresss and they were not the ones previously mentioned.

Anyway I get there and the post office tells me “sorry, we can’t find them. If we do we will deliver them.” I talked to the supervisor who told me if I want to guarantee delivery I should have them insured.

First of all the money isn’t exactly the point. It’s only a couple of bucks. I want the CD. Second it seems obvious the delivery was here as I got a card.
I sent letters to the PostMaster but never got a response. Who can I go to that is higher? I mean it is obvious the carrier isn’t up to par.


What sort of postal charges are you talking about? I realize this wouldn’t be worth it if you’re talkiing less than $5-6, but when I really want to know it’s going to get there I use Fed Ex or Airborne, and I use a 3rd party biller that gets me a discount from the normal rates.