Poster Cerridwyn is going in for a kidney transplant tomorrow

Part time poster(and full time friend and roommate to me and My Beloved) Cerridwyn got “THE CALL” about an hour and a half ago while she was at dialysis-there’s a kidney waiting for her at Good Samaritan Hospital, and they want her there at 6am tomorrow morning for the transplant. My sis-in-law will be transporting wife and roomie to the hospital tomorrow morning, and I will join them as soon as I get off work. Holy crap-when it happens, it happens fast!

Best wishes to Cerridwyn (and to you), Czar. Here’s hoping for a successful operation and a full and speedy recovery.

How exciting! I remember when we got The Call. It was on a Sunday morning. My husband had the transplant later that day, and the kidney worked like a top for the rest of his life (his death was not related to the kidney). The first thing he wanted when he was able to eat was a ginormous chunk of watermelon, which was a big no-no while on dialysis (along with most fresh fruits and vegetables).

All the best-- I’m sure she’ll do just great!!

And don’t forget to pray if you do that, or think good thoughts if you don’t, for the donor and his or her family who made this painful and courageous decision to donate their loved one’s organs, if this is a cadaver kidney.

She is going to be damned tired when she goes under at 8:30 am tomorrow, because she will be back home from dialysis at 3 am, then head back out the door about 5:30 am.

If you want some inspiration, former NBA player Sean Elliott had a kidney transplant in 1999 and came back to play in 2000 and 2001 for the San Antonio Spurs.


And just as a CSA, remember to note yourself as a donor folks. You won’t need your bits and pieces wherever you end up when you cark it, but plenty of those still living will be blessed with a gift of life.

Damn – that’s great news! Good luck! :smiley:

That kidney won’t have much to do when it’s implanted! I’m just saying that because when my cousin got my uncle’s kidney, the doctor said that when the blood vessels were hooked up, the ureter started spraying urine all over the place like a water noodle (remember those?) :smiley: All it knew was that it had been placed in some location where it had a LOT of work to do, and proceeded to do it.

And still is, about 10 years later. :cool:

Hey Czar, tell Cerridwyn she’ll be able to play basketball at a professional level post-transplant!! :smiley:


One of the neat things about a kidney transplant is that, unless the other kidneys are cancerous/diseased and posing a threat to other body parts, the surgeons will, a lot of times, leave the old kidneys in place.

Allow me to echo some above thoughts: good thoughts/prayers, thank the donor family (if possible), and become a donor yourself, if possible and you aren’t one already.

My prayers are with you guys. May the surgery go well and the recovery be speedy and sweet.

I want to thank all that have sent well wishes for my cause. Y’all are forever in my heart…or should I say kidney? Laugh out loud! As a side note, I need help with the trust bank account. Every dime that comes out of that account will be going to my after surgery medical bills only.


Praying is the first thing on my mind. Thank you, Jesus.

Maybe I can help out the local team, The Portland Trail Blazers! :smiley:

My right kidney is enlarged & has lots of large cysts on it. They said they may have to take that one out. Will find out when I wake up.

“Hey, Doc, will I be able to play basketball after my operation?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“That’s great! I never could play basketball before.” :smiley:

Best wishes!

Well, the ladies are up, packed and ready for pickup. Further updates as they happen.