Poster Cerridwyn is going in for a kidney transplant tomorrow

Best wishes!

Best of luck!

Best of luck, my thoughts are with you.

And guys, PLEASE be organ donors.

Good thoughts and good luck to you!

Best wishes and vibes to you both!

Every year on August 2 we remembered the donor’s family, keenly aware that for them our happy anniversary was a sad one. We never knew who it was, just a young man who had been killed in a motorcycle accident. :frowning:

I don’t know if they do this for everyone, but my husband’s new kidney was placed in the lower right quadrant (abdomen). He had to be conscious of protecting that area in the future. The normal kidney location is somewhat shielded by the ribs.

i hope it’s a go!

best of luck, and praying for a full and quick recovery.

My Beloved says the operation went as planned, and she was transferred to recovery.

Cerridwyn is doing well she is out of surgery and be in ICU for 2 days then regular room.

Good news for sure.

Outstanding news! Keep it coming!

Do you have PKD?
Congratulations for receiving this gift!!!


I am thrilled for you. :slight_smile:

Fingers firmly crossed!

I am sitting beside her now in ICU. They didn’t take out the bad kidney-just stuck the new young kidney in her abdomen.

Great news all!

Bounce, bounce, bounce.


<world’s biggest shit-eating grin!>

You’ve taken me right back to that day and how happy we were. Please give her a big, wet kiss on the cheek from me.

Live long and prosper. :slight_smile:

Happy day!

Woot! Good news!

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Cerridwyn, i’m probably the single worst bastard on this board to wish you well…

~done anyway~

If the stitches hurt, read my post & scream “Fuck You!”
(I can take it.)