Posting a wav

There’s a couple of discussions where I would like to post a few wavs

Really short ones?


There’s a couple of discussions going on where I would like to post a few WAVs of classical music. I just want to post a brief snippet out of a longer piece, say about 20 seconds worth.

Is this okay, or does it violate copyright/ break the board’s policy, or anything?

Just thought I’d ask before posting.

If you mean imbed a WAV file in a posted message, like in this thread, ain’t gonna happen. Attachments have been disabled in SDMB to save data space, bandwidth and server time. Look around you – do you see any user images in our fora? Just how had you planned to “post” your WAVs?

If you mean post a link to a file of any kind on some other server (like, maybe, yours) go right ahead.

And you might consider using MP3s instead. For very little quality loss, it can condense your WAV file to about 10% of the size. Most players that handle WAVs can handle MP3s.

I’ve done short snippets to ask about a phrasing or to request identification of a piece. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone as long as 20 seconds of uninterrupted/unedited copyrighted recording though.

I don’t know that there’s an official cutoff point where it shifts from fair-usage sampling to “you’re posting copyrighted performances” — I assume it’s the moderators’ call.