Posting from Sonic

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m at the local Sonic, using the free wifi. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post. It will be nice to drink a slushie while it’s cold for once.

Are those obnoxious guys from the commercials there?

They closed down the Sonic closest to us. It was a good 30 min drive. They have one about 45 min away, but we don’t get to it that often.

I do enjoy the cherry limeade, but I’m kinda meh on the food.

Ask the carhop why when I asked for ketchup, I didn’t get any at all.

I just went to Sonic today, an hour or so before you made your post!

Yay for cherry limeades! Boo to the crappy food.

The onion rings are pretty awesome though!

I thought he was a hedgehog? Explain.

Love those dudes… they are insane!!!

I love their corndogs. And their chili coneys.

You’re posting from Sonic’s? I usually see that stuff on Facebook.

I like Sonic, drinks and food. I’m a sucker for their breaded chicken sandwich-hold-the-mayo. The slushees give me brain freeze.

I love the guys in the commercials. Whatever happened to that one guy’s wife?

For some really good onion rings, try Hardee’s. They actually have a flavor.

Sonic’s slushees are the only ones I’ll ever get, anywhere. I get heartburn when I drink sugary drinks, but their limeade…just limeade, no cherry, ugh…slushies are so, so worth it. Actually, I don’t get much heartburn from them at all, huh.

Anyway, +1 for slushies!

Crappy food? Man, Sonic’s cheeseburgers are my absolute favorite fast food burger. (With A&W a close second). I haven’t tried much of anything else on the menu because the burgers are so good, though. The fries are only OK, but I don’t care…sonic burgers…yum.

I wish we had Sonic here. Cherry Limeade and regular Limeade sound amazing.

The guys are Peter Grosz (the driver) and TJ Jagodowski (passenger). TJ does improv mostly in Chicago and occasionally in NYC. The wife was Molly Erdman, a former Chicago improv star who has since moved to LA. Grosz has been popping up in a lot of TV shows lately - specifically Veep and Curb.

So you took Tuba’s advice and left the house? Good thing you found an Internet connection out there in the wild. Godspeed, conquistador.

The Sonic where I grew up in West Texas was near my high school and where all the cool kids hung out. Needless to say, I never went there much.

Son of a b-tch. Now I’m hungry. Love me some Sonic.

Stuck in crappy hotel room on biz trip… and nothing to eat nearby.

Damn you!

Our local Sonic quit serving Frito chili pies. So disappointing.