Posting links.

Okay, I admit it, when it comes to computer stuff, I’m an idiot. I know how to cut and past a link and say “Hey, check this link out” and have the link show and all that jazz. But how do you change the name of the link while keeping the link the same?

For example, say I have a link to a webpage about photographs of my dog. How do I get the link to say “Dog’s are cute” instead of

Suddenly, I’m wishing I could think of something better to use as an example than “my dog’s cute.”

For me the easiest way is to click on the post reply button instead of using the convient box at the bottom of the page. At the post reply page, there is a button labeled http://, just click on it, enter the text you want for the link, click OK, enter the URL, click ok and everything is done for you. It is a lot easier than typing in the formatting.

If you want to do it on the SDMB, type

(url=’s are cute(/url), with [ and ] instead of ( and ) .

This will produce the following:

Dog’s are cute