Posting links

How do I post a link without displaying the entire URL? For instance, just linking the word “here” instead of having to write

Like this

Or like this with square brackets instead of curly:
{url=“”}Like this{/url}

You need spaces before the opening and closing brackets.

{url=“full URL goes here”}your chosen title goes here{/url}

Replace the curly brackets with square brackets, don’t forget the double quote marks and you’ll be away.

Thanks much.

The Surrendered Wife

{url=“”}Like this{/url}
Starostin’s Reviews

another test

this thread

lets try that again…
this thread


a hijack of sorts, just testing my sig. Didn’t think I needed to open a new thread.

BTW enjoy your linking.

Too late to try to bargain with []]( [url) trade status

try this again



ok, really I’m not an idiot.

by the power of grey skull

Let me see if I got it. {URL=“”}barbitu8{/URL}

Didn’t work. Am I supposed to use square brackets instead of curly,as one post said? Try with square brackets.