Postmodern story of the day(from spam)

So I’m going through my yahoo account, source of so much spam, when I see one that says “Win a Free Dell Laptop” So I click on it and find the typical link where they want you to go their website. I’m not into that, but below that is this which I felt I should share.

This is a postmodern story of the day

Sounds good to me, I said. What are we going to do tonight? I asked. I was just thinking. It was cold and sweet.

I don’t know how he found that place. I’d seen many of the same things I’ve seen before. I can never describe the walk back to my truck. The same thing we do every night, he replied.

I can never describe the walk back to my truck. It was cold and sweet. Thick walls are important. Don’t do that, the cat pointed out.

(I’d seen something really weird. :slight_smile: Love, and hate, are powerful emotions. I wished so deeply for the change to come about. Thick walls are important. I’m cold, you said, staring at the continuation we had to feel through yesterday.

Somewhere, a cricket chirped.

The smell of jasmine was thick in the air. Over in the alley, a bum sneezed in his sleep, to the chagrin of the squirrel.