Postponed weddings in India, due to planetary position: True?

On one of the Nat’l Public Radio news shows before the Cubs and Red Sox lost their chances at pennants, one piece tackled the possible enormity of a Cubs-Red Sox WS.

One of the people interviewed was Bill “Spaceman” Lee, a former ballplayer. He went into a strange thing about the planet Uranus being in an odd position. He claimed that due to its position, thousands of weddings in India were being postponed, in fear of some calamity.

It sounded like a lot of nonsense. On the other hand, people in many parts of the world set their schedules on the basis of astrology (including the Reagan white house, some said.) What do you say, Indians? Were any weddings postponed recently?

Basically, no… at least not because of Uranus.

Weddings in India ARE planned around astrology, but here lies the first problem. As complicated as planetary positions are, they are still highly predictable, even by “old-world” astrology. And modern Indians use computers and modern knowledge to develop astrological forecasts. A marriage would never be planned if, say, Saturn were in a bad position. It’s not possible for Saturn to “show up” in a bad position without foreknowledge.

There is also the problem that Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune do not exist from the point of view of vedic astrologers. Some modern Indian astrologers incorporate the newer planets into their forecasts, but I believe they are in the minority.