posts that make you use the bottom scroll bar

Hi all. What is it that makes some post too long to fit in my browser window? I don’t mean having to scroll down to read a post, I mean having to scroll to the right. I have a nineteen inch monitor so I’m sure moniter size isn’t the problem. I’ll be happily reading along when all of a sudden one post isn’t formatted like the rest of the thread. It drives me batty. So what gives?

Basically, if there’s no breaks (spaces)in the text for the software to use it lengthens the window it’s in.

I’m just glad it only lasts for that one post, rather than formatting all the rest of the posts that way. :slight_smile:

Lack of spaces. Someone posts Aaaaaa…h, a very long url or something long within [[sup][/sup]code] tags and it screws with the formatting.

I once have this difficulty on another message board, where one post such as the one you describe results in all posts being so affected.

If you have Internet Explorer, click on View followed by Text Size and check the current setting.

I solve my problem by changing the setting to smaller or smallest and now on the wide posts you mention the text fits on the screen, although it is naturally smaller than formerly.

Monitor size isn’t an issue, but monitor resolution is (although admittedly, folks with bigger screens usually set them to higher resolutions). If you can find a really long line of some sort (usually a URL), then that’s the culprit. If it’s not obvious, it’s usually a code tag. If it’s a problem, you can mention it to a mod, and they can usually fix it up somehow.

There seems to be some connection with those long quote lines.