Postulations: posh platinum perusal, prices problematic

Ardred and I have started discussing the possibility of getting married. We took in his pocket watch to a local jeweler to be repaired and while we were there we looked at rings to get an idea of what the other desires for lifelong digital adornment.

We looked for 10 minutes or so, discussing different types. We have exactly the same taste, so that helps in getting somewhat matching rings.

Then, we saw it. The perfect ring for both of us. Glinting at us from a tiny velvet cushion, gorgeous shiny platinum with a hammered center section in a dull finish. Between the shiny and hammered sections, a tiny braided platinum strip.

Well, let us investigate the prices of these gorgeous rings, shall we? Oh, I knew they would be expensive. I’m not kidding myself, they are platinum after all. Gee, only $1350? Lemme get my checkbook.

Sigh. :frowning:

Why must we have such expensive taste? Why did I let myself fall in love with this ring when I knew it was way out of our price range? I would be happy with any ring given in love, but this ring is like the Platonic universal, the ideal from which all other rings are derived. Sauron’s One Ring has nothing on this baby.

Okay, maybe not, but damn that is a nice looking ring. The third ring down (with the woven pattern) is choice number two. The ultimate ring’s braided strip similar, but much thinner.

Postscript: Before anyone I know in real life gets all hot and bothered because I didn’t tell them I was engaged, I’m NOT. These are preliminary discussions and fantasies of platinum and wedding bells. I hate to sound so clinical (preliminary discussions) but I don’t want anyone getting offended that I didn’t tell them first before posting on a message board.

If, however, you feel the need to congratulate me on my good fortune in finding a man like Ardred, feel free, as I love to be showered with good wishes and light jealousy.

Given the OP title I thought this was going to be about email spam.