Pot In My System?

OK, i was just curious if anyone knows how long pot should stay in my system…ive stopped smoking for “private reasons” its been a week since ive quit. Should i be clean by now?:confused:

Iirc, it can persist for up to a month in heavy smokers.

Traces of some drugs can be found for up to 90 days in the hair apparently.

Drug traces in hair

Hope you don’t find the website too hair-raising :smiley:

well my main concern was how long can it stay in my system/urine. I am soon to have a urine test. THe only drug ive used or ever used is pot. Ive taken 1 drug test already, a urine test. I think i may have passed it but it will be later today before i get my results. I flushed my system w/ a gallon of water, alot of golden seal pills a half gallon of orange juice and a 16 ounce bottle of ghc flusher which cost me 50 bucks. My urine came out crystal clear which helped me feel a little better but like i said i havent gotten the results yet. Im so scared because i have so much at risk. If i flushed my system that good, can the pot still be there? im sooooooooooooooooooooooo scared!!! Ive quit the weed and will never smoke again!!!

nevermind…my questions were answered i failed my drug test. To people who think you can fool the system…YOU CAN’T. The best thing to do is stay clean!!! :frowning:

THC binds with fat molecules. The more fat you have, the more THC you can store. Since your body is constantly releasing and absorbing fat to and from the blood stream; THC will hang around for a while. Four to Six weeks is a good rule of thumb.

As far as testing the hair, it stands to reason that the length of your hair would determine how far back into your history one could test. Since hair grows about 6" per year…well, do the math. On the other hand, the hair test is very expensive, so only the newest part of the strand is usually tested.

Sorry about you failing your test. At least you gained a bit of knowledge.

Sorry you failed your test, Audrey… was it for your workplace or school or your parents? You don’t have to answer that of course, just curious is all.

I remember my sister drinking pickle juice or straight vinegar before a pee test and she also put just a spot of bleach into the urine sample. But of course you could do what my neighbor does… beg others for their clean urine. Ugh.


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