Potato pancake recipes?

I really want to make potato pancakes at home, the kind that are fried and enjoyed with sour cream and applesauce. Yum. I’ve been looking at recipes online, and they vary widely. Some call for onion, some don’t. Some say grate the potatoes, some say puree. Some say put in flour, some pancake mix, some no extra starch.

What is your recipe? I know I’m going to grate the potatoes, not puree, since the the ones that I’ve liked in the past seemed to have grated potatoes in them. How do you stand on the onion question? The flour/pancake mix/whatever? What is the best kind of potato to use for it, russets or red ones or what?


I’ve made them, but without a recipe, so I was just faking it (like I often do). I parboiled russet and sweet potatoes (do not rule out putting sweet potatoes in your potato pancakes - they rock!), then shredded them on a hand grater. I then dice an onion, and occasionally, if there’s one in the crisper, half a bell pepper as well, and sauté them in butter. Then I add the onions and peppers to the potatoes, add a dollop of cream and some salt and coarse ground pepper and mush it all together. Then I pick up a small handful and shape it into a pattie and drop the patties into a panful of butter and fry to a crisp golden brown.

Damn, Mr. singular and I are both on a diet, and I want these right now! Oh well, enjoy them with sour cream while we sulk and eat the applesauce through our self-pitying pouts…

(edited to add the seasoning, minimal as it is.)