I have sweet potatoes

And carrots and a cast iron skillet. :confused:

Can anyone instruct me on how to turn those two ingredients into a palatable meal?

I’m checking Google, too, but frankly have not enjoyed my last few random recipes.

I’m thinking I could just slice them up and roast them for a bit over medium heat.

Do I boil them first, then slice them?

Whatever I make will be going with baked chicken breast.

Hmmm…no help with the carrots, but how about sweet potato fries!

How about finding a recipe for potato pancakes and replacing the plain potatoes with shredded carrots and sweet potatoes? I’m sure you could find a good recipe easily enough.

If I were in your position I would eat the carrots raw and bake the sweet potatoes for my husband. I never could develop a taste for them, but I *love *raw carrots.

The SDMB has let me down again :).

I sliced both about an 1/8" thick.

Then heated the skillet to medium with olive oil and added a slab of real butter.

Then added the sweet potato and carrot slices and covered, then turned the heat down to 4 and waited 5 minutes.

Came back, sprinkled on kosher salt and flipped them all, then reduced heat to 3 and recovered for 5 more minutes.

They came out pretty good. Not great, but good. I’ll need to look into other recipes.

For next time: curry maybe? Sweet potatoes will break down nicely and give you thickness, and carrots are also a good curry vegetable. You could use the Japanese-style box mix as a base.

I find sweet potatoes made into fries or something like potato pancakes turn too soft to hold up. I know there are recipes and people do it, but they turn to mush when I try. Plain potatoes and sweet potatoes are two different things. … I nuke mine in the microwave till just firm, peel, slice, douse with a little butter, honey or maple syrup, and a sprinkling of pecans. That’s all I got - but they’re good that way, with ham or sausage, or chicken.

I have thought that fried sweet potatos with onion would be amazing but have never mae it. slices of potato and onion fried until browned and the sugars caramelised.