Potato Question

I have a feeling I am WAY overthinking this, but hey - you guys are smart and you’re here, so I thought I’d ask.

Since my local area is experiencing a heat wave today (it’s going to be 32!!!) my husband and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day early with a nice dinner. He will be grilling steaks. I will be making sauteed mushrooms and onions, iceberg lettuce wedge salads (with a friend’s homemade garlic dressing), some cheddar cheese stuffed crescent rolls, roasted brussels sprouts, and twice baked potatoes (mashed with milk, sour cream, butter, and cheddar cheese.) We are planning dinner for around 5-ish this afternoon. Is there any reason I can’t bake the potatoes now and then leave them sit for a few hours until I’m ready to scoop out their innards, make the mash and restuff and rebake them? There are other things I’m making that I can use the oven for closer to dinner so it would be great if I could get this part out of the way now. I have never pre-baked the potatoes so far in advance before and want to make sure they’ll be ok and it’s too early to call my mother. :smiley:

Merci in advance!

I don’t see any obvious problem, since you’ll be re-cooking them. Think potato pancakes.

There’s no reason you can’t go ahead and scoop/mash/restuff them too. Just pop them in the fridge until about 30min prior to eatin’ time and then put them in a 350F oven to bake the second time.

Thanks y’all. Turning on the oven now.

We’ll all be there at 5. Thanks for the announcement.

While you’re baking the potatoes, wrap a head of garlic in foil with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and toss that in the oven too. Squeeze some of the roasted garlic into the mashed taters.

On second thought, this is a romantic dinner…skip the garlic.

Nah, it cancels out if you both eat it.

That sounds like a fantastic dinner, but after that I’d only be up for a nap. :smiley:

So, how did it turn out?

Did ya get any? :smiley:

It turned out excellent!

And I ain’t tellin! :smiley: