Any special foods for Valentine's Day?

I just made a trifle with homemade mocha-devil’s-food cake, which was steeped overnight in a closed container with some chocolate vodka sprinkled on it.

Crumbled that into chocolate pudding, and topped with lots of thick, home-whipped cream. I planned to make a raspberry coulis for it as well, but think I’ll save that for the lovely sparkly wine we can’t drink yet as we’re still on the tail end of some gods-awful head colds.

The trifle is absolutely delicious.

Unfortunately my sweetie is on a diet, but he got to taste it at least.
I’m quite satisfied with it. <3
Any particular food plans or traditions for you all this year?

I ordered the SO a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from “Shari’s Berry’s” - they were very much appreciated. Not cheap, but well worth it.

I’m going to attempt to make some Black and Whitecookies for my hubby. He was reminiscing a couple of weeks ago about how his grandmother used to always bring him some from the local bakery when he was a kid. (He grew up on Long Island.) You can’t find them anywhere around here (we’re in Tulsa, OK), so they’re going to have to be homemade. Probably won’t taste like the ones he remembers, but hopefully I’ll get close. And hopefully our three-year-old doesn’t ruin the surprise!

Aww yeah, there’s not much can beat chocolate and fruit!
And I’ve heard about those black and white cookies for years, but have never had any.
I hope they come out like you want them to. :slight_smile:

I’m making enchiladas since they it is my family’s all-time favorite meal. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

We have a tradition here at home where we make a huge batch of King Crab legs, steamed asparagus and this year, a strawberry cheese cake. Don’t know of any Valentine’s Day significance but it is what we do here (and I’m not complaining even a little bit).

My favorite family holiday for food hands down.