Potato Salad!

That’s all - just potato salad.


(The person to whom this is addressed will understand - I’ll leave the rest of y’all to scratch your head in bewilderment)

You forget that there are men in this world. They scratch something else in bewilderment.

I’ll match your potato salad, and raise you a bowl of noodle soup.

I’ll see your noodle soup, and raise you one cole slaw and three chicken fingers.

Excuse me while I take care of some bewilderment…

Ahhh. Better.

Zenster - I thought you scratched that just because it was there.

Soupy - Noodle soup at a picnic? Oh, I guess with your name and all.

Damn, I really have a craving for some pot stickers.

Is that with or without mustard?

The first thing I thought of when I saw the title is the Danny Kaye movie Wonder Man. Where the man charatcer suddenly remembers from time to time throughout the film that he’s supposed to pick up some potato salad for his girlfriend and unexpectedly yells “Potato Salad!” to a couple of the other characters in the movie. Is that what you’re referncing or is it some kind of private joke?

Devilled Eggs.


Demo - I love pot stickers! Wonder how they would work on a picnic?

UncleBeer - personally I prefer a mayo base with dill and chunky potatoes.

Crunchy Frog - just a private joke with another reg and I’m feeling a little goofy. :smiley:

And I think we need some cold fried chicken for this picnic!

French bread and champagne!

(I’m all in favour of picnics!)

Strawberries and cream and lashings of ginger beer.


How long has this stuff been sitting out? Warm potato salad is asking for Staph aureus food poisioning.

[sub]Never invite microbiologists to your picnics[/sub]

As I have said before, potato salad must be mustardy and the fewer ingrediants the better. No celery and no mysterious red things!

I’ll bring the sun tea! (Yum!)

Smeghead, there’s a fridge just behind that tree. All the perishable food stays in there, and only comes out while somebody is actually posting.

We ain’t got no cultures here!

All right, a pick-a-nick. I have a watermelon that I can contribute. Who’s got something to spike it with?

rummages through liquor cabinet

I got vodka, or Bacardi Limon. Which do ya want, Kat?

Isn’t anybody the least bit concerned that chickens now have fingers??

The vodka’ll be fine. Thanks bunches, Falc.