PotC: Accent question

So, because I’m a big geek and have too much free time, a friend of mine told me that she wanted to find more examples of a certain accent from Pirates of the Carribean 2, so that she could study it and emulate it. I speak of the accent of Naomie Harris’ Tia Dalma (the swamp-witch character). I know very well it could just be a generic disney accent, but if it’s not… What is it? Or what is it supposed to be? And can anyone point me to other films that might have a significant character with a similar accent?

I thought it was supposed to be a (put on) creole/haitian accent. The actress in question is actually British, though.

An extreme Jamaican accent, to the point of absurd extremes. Or that’s what I thought, anyway.

I have no idea what the accent was, but I’d give my left nu…I’d give A LOT to sit in the same room with her and listen to her read a phone book, especially with that accent. Rarrrrr.

He wasn’t hot like Naomie Harris, but Davy Jones accent/style is very cool (imho). Is that an accent or an affected mannerism?

I thought Davy sounded Welsh(?) I also liked the way his mouth would sometimes make that pop sound when he opened it.

Oh and count me in as someone who thought Tia was speaking with a very thick very bad Jamaican accent. It would be fun to dress as her for Halloween, no?

Tia Dalma was Miss Cleo after she had lost a lot of weight and a few teeth, and taken a lot of drugs and a slightly different direction in her occult practices.[sub][sub]look! undead monkey![/sub][/sub]

Uh… now people are looking at me funny. hides in office :o

It sounded very much like a Scottish accent to me.
In that it sounded normal :wink:

Davy Jones was scots. But Bill Nighy is not, so it was affected.

I’m glad you brought this up, as I don’t want to search through the other thread about it. But, I finally saw this last night. Why the hell is the monkey still cursed?

Tia Dalma can put a spell on me anytime, baby. I also liked the way her eye makeup kept changing subtly in the close ups during her scene with Jack and Will. Good continuity there, guys! Still, she was so hot it didn’t really make me no never mind.

Now I feel sullied and unusual.

I didn’t learn this until recently, but there was a miniscene after the credits of PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl that showed the monkey taking one of the Aztec coins, thus cursing itself again.

My work here is done. :smiley:

So, did you realize this time that there’s a post-credits scene in Dead Man’s Chest, too? :smiley:

Dang Naomie Harris is hot.

No! Tell me what I missed! Please!


Remember how the natives took off after the dog, allowing Jack to escape? After the credits it returns to the natives’ village…and the dog is on the throne :smiley:

Oh, right on!!!


Actually I thought it was a put-on Jamaican accent, but just the opposite of extreme; I thought it was cleaned up so the audience could understand her. See The Harder They Come for the real thing, and you might want to keep the subtitles on.