potential messages are everywhere

whether it is the unconcious mind trying to figure out the meaning of our existence or some diety controlling the fates of untold billions (is there really a difference?) everything has meaning. From the lyrics of a song to the brush strokes of a painting in the Louvre or a high school art class. Everything is a potential message that could answer a question that we need answered. Be careful of what you ask for though, keep is simple and direct, and make sure that you need to know it, otherwise the message will be confusing and you will most likely disregard it.

The true understanding of ones self is to admit that you do not know everything. Just a lot of things from uniqe point of view.

let me be the first to say,


Because Fido ate the Hand Grenade for me,
When the Tans came round to search the house at tea,
I said, “Take this, dog, and eat”,
He thought it was a can of meat,
It was the hand grenade that Fido ate for me.

Paradoxically, I find no meaning in the OP.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

And this is a great debate because ________ (fill in blank.)

OH, and to follow in John’s footsteps:


Potential Topics are everywhere…else.

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Oh, I find a lot of meaning in it. It is saying quite clearly to me, “move this thread to MPSIMS!”

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