Potential pedophiles.

I just finished watching part of one of those daytime tv shows where a hero type interviews bad people. Steve something. Anyway, there was a child molester who admitted to his sick activities and at the end of the show turned himself in.
What I’m wondering is, is there any place for a potential molester who hasn’t acted on his urges to go to in an effort to head off doing so? Or is this even possible? Are there men who have these feelings and don’t act on them?

Had I such a compulsion, I’d be inclined to pick up the phone book and find a psychologist. They could at least send me to the right kind of specialist, if needed.
I wonder if insurance would cover that?

I remember reading about a man in prison for pedophilia who begged the authorities to castrate him. They refused. He then refused to apply for parole because he said he molest a child as soon as he got out, couldn’t help himself.

Perhaps, the urge is like that of any addict. They can be prevented from indulging their addiction, but cannot prevent themselves. Tragic.


That’s kind of what I was wondering. And some people don’t even have insurance.

What I don’t understand is, if I like girls and can’t get one, I won’t go out and rape because I’m not a rapist, but it seems like you can’t “like kids” but not act on it? Or is there a such thing as a paedophile who would never act on it because he knows its wrong and can control it?

I believe that pedophiles are incapable of being reoriented in their sexual desires, just as a heterosexual could not be reoriented to be homosexual. I do not believe that anyone is incapable of restraining themselves from sexual activity. They can’t not be a pedophile, but they can, and should not be child molesters. I am sure that there are people out there who are sexually attracted to children who never act on those desires, just as there are people attracted to adults who never act upon theirs.

The problem with going to a therapist is that they have to report you if you are a threat. This is the Catch-22 of the person with the urges. If they go to the therapist, they might be turned in and end up on a sexual offender list. If they do NOT go to the therapist, they might never get control of the urges.

Interesting dilemma, that.
Were I in those shoes, I’d rather take the punishments or restrictions meted our for thinking about it than those you get for actually doing it.
Can you actually wind up on a sex offender’s list WITHOUT having committed any offense against the crminal law?
I realize a civil commitment isn’t impossible, but that’s a separate issue in my mind.

WHAT DEUCE? The bottom of this thread has 4 links about “The Big Lebowski” ?

Eight-year-olds, Dude.

But how could they end up on a sexual offender list if they’ve done nothing wrong? There’s no legislation against thoughts (yet). Is there in fact a law that states that therapists have to turn in people for confessing their urges? That would surely undermine the whole basis of analysis if pateients could be reported for thought-crime.

First contact, at least, would have to be anonymous.
Look how successful the baby drop off (a mother can leave her baby at a hospital etc with no criminal charges) programs have been.
It seems our society could maybe benefit from a lot less prosecution and more prevention effort.

There is a project like that in Germany and recently it was advertised in a nationwide TV campaign. Here is the ad (Youtube.) The slogan is “Don’t become a perpetrator.” This is probably the best description in English that I found so far, but unfortunately it is several years old and was written in the early stages of the project.

The project has been somewhat controversial because a significant number of people considers pedophiles criminals even before they commit a single concrete crime and of course there is always the suspicion that many of the patient actually have at least some criminal past. In addition to that there are allegations that the project trivializes the issue and absolves pedophiles of guild. For these reasons those people object to anything that could be construed as helping pedophiles.

My WAG is that there are lots and lots of people who don’t act on these feelings, but how would we ever hear about them? The only ones we know about are the ones who get caught. Probably the tip of the iceberg.

But the analogy with you liking girls is faulty. You can find a girl and it may or may not be consensual. But *any *such contact with a kid is considered nonconsensual.

Cite? I know if they confess to actually molesting someone, yeah, they’d have to report it. But just urges? Call me skeptical.

But if one hasn’t committed any crimes at a given point in his life, the rationalization path is fairly simple. If he’s kept himself under control so far, why can’t that continue indefinitely?

Looking from the outside, it’s pretty obvious that’s a poor strategy, but it’s a lot harder for people to accurately forecast their own behavior, for some reason …

Agreed, but also something to add, rape is a hate crime, not so much a sex crime. Though sex is involved, but it’s brought upon by hatred.


Some rapes, sure. But that’s way too broad a brush to paint all rapes with. I’m pretty sure the frat boy who slips a cute girl a mickey is more concerned with sex than with hatred.

But there are plenty of rapists out there. We just don’t consider them to be representative of heterosexuals as a whole.