"Poverty Pimp?" Did I hear that right, Lorne?

Background for folks who aren’t up on British Columbia politics, and especially U.S. folks who may be confused by an unfamiliar and counter-intuitive use of the word “liberal.”

Gordon Campell’s Liberal government has made it much, much tougher to survive at the lower end of the economic spectrum in B.C. On the list of gifts from the Campbell government, we have increased cost of basic services, an effective reduction in the minimum wage, higher tuitions, elimination of universal childcare, removal of optical coverage from our medical services plan, along with general cuts to MSP and the evisceration of Pharmacare, cuts to school lunch programs, massive layoffs in the civil sector, cuts to women’s centre funding, general cuts to social programs of a variety of descriptions, and… on and on, and on…

Particularly contentious is a decision to limit welfare recipients to two years of assistance out of any five-year period. This means that, come April, in a city that is already without adequate affordable housing, in which homelessness has become strikingly more prominent since the Liberals came into office, 30,000 additional people will find themselves with no income at all.

Apart from massive public protests, this ignominious record has predictably drawn criticism from opposition parties. Happily, this goes beyond the formalized nay-saying that you expect in the political sphere. Opposition leader Joy McPhail has a long and impressive record of looking out for poor, and there is little doubt that her criticisms go beyond mere opportunism. She is one of the few politicians for whom I would gladly place myself in the path of a bullet, without a moment of hesitation or a word of exaggeration.

City Councillor Jim Green is another that can consistently be counted on to bring conscience to government. He has done more to develop badly-needed affordable housing for Vancouver than any other single individual that I know of, and has been doing so for much longer than the housing crisis has been deemed worthy of media coverage. Recently, he’s helped bring forward a by-law aimed at creating disincentives for owners to convert existing Single Room Occupancy hotels (read: cheap flophouses in the Downtown Eastside) into something more gentrified. He’s also been active in trying to avert the fucking disaster that’s coming in April when tens of thousands more people will suddenly have no way to put a roof over their heads or food in their stomachs.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on to the source of my wrath:

Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt characterizes Jim Green this way:

Awful? Disgusting? Lorne, you despicable sack of shit, you wouldn’t recognize Awful and Disgusting if it had its head a foot-and-a-half up your flabby white ass. I’m certain of this, because it’s a matter of public record that Awful and Disgusting does have its head up your ass. For future reference, closely examine any Highly-Polished Surface. You see that mealy-mouthed, manicured fuckwit peering back at you? That guy is Awful and Disgusting. What fucking wide-eyed cult are you a member of, that has indoctrinated you with an incomprehensible ideology in which increasing poverty is laudable behavior, while working against it is “outrageous”? Oh, right. The B.C. Liberal party. Slipped my mind.

Take a look at this 2X6 Clue Stick, Lorne. Can you read what’s embossed on its splintery surface? “People who are merely concerned with advancing their political careers do so by their association with the rich and powerful. People who are doing the fucking job they were elected for tend to pay attention to the poor and vulnerable. The poor and vulnerable, by-and-large, are of little use in fast-tracking a political career.” The embossed lettering is purpose-made so that you will be reminded of this simple axiom each morning, as you shave in front of the Highly-Polished Surface of your choice.

“Poverty Pimp,” huh? You’ve coined an interesting phrase there. It’s really quite evocative: the image is quite clear – the Faceless Poor being turned out on the street with the promise of being fucked harder and more frequently than they ever imagined possible, while being beaten and robbed by assholes who like to say that they’re “protecting” them. I think you’ve misapplied it, though. Still got that Highly-Polished Surface handy?

The hat suits you.


Wow, Larry, thanks for the information – read the lot of it. I hope the “poverty pimp” quip was simply WebPosted and not broadcast on the CBC. Do you know the particulars of the airplay, if any?

Since this is the Pit, it’s my duty to inform you I know a shop near my house that can custom-whittle that kind of Clue Stick. What do you think would happen if some private citizen made one and sent it to him?


Miller: to address an absent person. Like O, John Brown, you know not what you’ve done.

Bravo Larry for saying it much better than I could have. Every time I think my opinion of the BC Liberals couldn’t possibly get any lower…

It does say a lot about their twisted ideology though, to be able to accuse someone who’s been working to help the poor for a very long time and has only recently been elected to political office of just doing it all to advance his own career.

And if you need any backup wielding that clue stick, be sure to let me know.

I’ve never heard that usage before. Neat! Thanks for the English lesson, Mr. B, and great rant, Larry.

“advance your political career”

Yeah, we have people down here who thinki like that; they are called “Republicans.”

They also believe that if you give more money to wealthy people that things will improve for everyone.

A lot of us down here have other names for them.

I know what you mean… That particular type of politicians have been in charge over here for quite some time. Their current agenda is imposing the quid pro quo philosophy on everything - basically an excuse to cut all the social and cultural programs while outsourcing everything. Even when it makes no sense, like when a private company wins the bid over the current, state-owned one even though their bid is twice the price. And when this is pointed out the people who are responsible are able to shrug it off - of course, private enterprise is inherently better than state-owned, and well worth twice the money, right?

Oh, and waging illegal war on a third-world nation. We were in on that too and it really makes me ashamed to be a Dane. That and the xenophobic laws being passed all the time. I could go on but I can’t really match the quality of the OP, rant-wise. Good stuff.

If you have some info on where to obtain the best clue-stick I’d like to know.

Just for comparison, the term “poverty pimp” has been used here in New York to refer to people who run “social service” agencies, usually with government contracts, that seem to provide the bulk of their services in salary and benefits to the people running them and relatively little to the consumers of social services that they’re supposed to be helping.

GOLLY! Another reason to move to BC! I would feel so at home with the politics. Now I know where ex-Utah Legislature members go…:smiley:

Good rant, Larry. Gord and the BC Liberals are a fucking scary bunch. My best friend is Communications Officer for the BC NDP, so i get to hear all the stories of Liberal iniquity whenever we talk by phone.

Thanks for the responses, folks-- it felt good to get that off my chest. (My ears were burning when I made the OP.)

Oddly, although the first report I saw was on the evening news, I don’t know. I think I saw a clip of him actually saying it, but I can’t be sure it’s not a reconstructed “memory.” Most of the television coverage focused on the reaction to the statement.

I e-mailed Councillor Green’s office with a request for more info.

I also sent Lorne a little note when I got up this morning and realized that, in spite of venting here, I was still mad. After sitting at the keyboard for far too long trying to find the right words, I decided I had it right the first time, and that it was impossible for me to say what needed to be said while remaining within conventional guidelines for correspondence, so I simply forwarded him the OP with some polite bookends:

So I suppose I can expect a call from CSIS next week. :wink: Of course, in hindsight I realize that a message containing all that profanity will most likely be automatically filtered and binned as hate-mail before actual human beings (or even the sinister Crab People that I imagine must be lurking within the B.C. Liberals’ unconvincing anthropoid husks) ever have the opportunity to set eyes on it. If I get no response maybe I’ll try resending it as a nice link.

If your name was ZENSTER and Lorne Mayencourt was COUNTY, Did you threaten him???

I’d rather not see this thread hijacked, bojon, so I’ll respond to that in the “What’s all this then?” thread.

If I must? What is your stand, as you sit in front of a computer. Hijacked? Same issue. What is a threat on a member? Whose dictionary do we use? I went to the aforementioned thread, did not see your post. Did I fail to read proper english? I am such a bad student.

Did I just hear something stupid? Nah, it must have been the wind.

Anyway, this story got a little play in the Sun today, too.

Councillor Green seems to have adopted the right attitude:

Well, yeah. You can hardly ask for better press than an idiot in the legislature screaming “That guy stands up for the poor! And I’ll bet he’d like to be a member of the legislature, too!”
:Electorate starts considering how someone with Green’s principles would represent them, and comparing that with certain Liberal MLAs’ performance on that score:

Too bad that recall drive failed.

I have no doubt that ol’ Lorne is every bit the odious pustule ya’ll make him out to be. But this:

seems a little naive. Demogogues do exist.

I’m so glad I live in Alberta. We know how to treat our poor and huddled masses… We give them a bus ticket to BC!

Wow, that was almost as funny as the first time I heard it, except not.

Hmmm…Yes. I can see how it might be a little insensitive.
I couldn’t help it, though. After reading that Larry was bitching that a person can ONLY be on welfare for 2 years in every five. What is the world coming to when you expect people to look after themselves somewhat.:rolleyes:

Caveat: If they are kicking people off assistance who have no possible way of working then they deserve criticism.