Power lifter

Dell computer commercial.
Power lifter wearing Olympic outfit.
Looks like he’s lifting 370 plus pounds.
He brings the bending bar to his waist, hesitates and brings it to his chest in preparation for the over head pose.
My question: as the bar passes in front of his face, there is a …what looks like…a piece of stiff leather sticking out of his mouth. The bar comes in contact with it, causing it to raise up, and then back down, still in the weightlifters mouth.
What is it for? My WAG is that if the bar was too far away from his face on the upswing, maybe it’s a signal to abort the lift to avoid injury?
Anyone familiar with power lifting events?

I think that its Shane Hammon. Former powerlifter (hell of a deep squatter) now weight lifter. I think that is his long goatee tied at the end that your seeing.

Power lifting events are the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Weight lifting (Olympics) events are the Clean and Jerk (1) and Snatch (2).